Sudan: How Much More Blood Should Spill for the World to Wake Up?

Published on 7th June 2019

How many more people should die before the AU and the world respond to the crisis in Sudan?  The African Union's Peace and Security Council’s  vote to suspend Sudan from all AU activities until a civilian government has been formed is not enough since it does not address the ongoing atrocities within Sudan.

The fact that U.S. Charge d'Affaires to Sudan Steven Koutsis recently dined with commander of the Rapid Support Forces militia and former commander of the Janjaweed militia, sends mixed signals. Beijing’s watch and wait attitude as it prepares to support a leader who is likely to safeguard Chinese interests is also wanting. Is Beijing and Washington likely to push both sides in order to strengthen and expand their commercial interests and international influence? Is the ongoing conflict playing into the hands of calculated Western and Eastern interests?

Whatever the case, international action against Sudan's new military rulers who have unleashed a murderous rampage against protesters carrying out civil disobedience until the Transitional Military Council (TMC) is ousted and killers of protesters are brought to justice, must be taken. The crisis in Sudan is a big test to the ‘African solutions to African problems’ mantra and UN’s view of lives in Africa.

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