Xenophobia in South Africa and the Kenya-Somalia Maritime Dispute

Published on 4th September 2019

The unfolding scenario in South Africa, East Africa and the Horn brings to test the African Solutions to African Problems mantra. This week, riots broke out in South Africa after hundreds of people marched in Johannesburg's Central Business District (CBD) demanding foreigners leave. They targeted "shops they believed to be owned by foreign nationals" leaving a trail of destruction, looting and death.  The South Africa police treat this as criminal activity.

While the act should be condemned in the strongest terms possible, there is need to rethink an economy that does not translate to improving the living conditions of a majority of citizens. More than 10 million South Africans cannot find work.

On the other hand, the relations between Kenya and Somali will be tested this month as the ICJ determines the duo’s maritime dispute from September 9 until September 13, 2019. The countries will be forced to undertake joint development agreements or driven by bloated egos, create a standoff that will have repercussions in the horn of Africa. It is hoped that the ICJ’s decision will bring both parties to the bargaining table.

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