Commemorating 1811 Slave Revolt is a Wise Initiative

Published on 6th November 2019

The reenacting of the largest revolt of black slaves in 1811 set to take place on November 8 and 9 in the US is a step in the right direction. This initiative should be replicated across Africa to reclaim Africa’s history.

In March 1896, not far from the Ethiopian town of Adwa, an African army won a spectacular victory over a European army. Ethiopian victory over Italy at the battle of Adwa brought an Italian war of conquest to an end. Queen Nzinga of Angola, one of the most celebrated African women resisted European colonisation. Nzinga Mbande led four decades (1620s to 1660s) of warfare against the Portuguese in Angola.

It is by unearthing Africa’s hushed history that Africans will rebuild confidence in themselves and recharge to claim a place in the global arena.

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