South Sudan Truce: Will Kiir and Machar Deliver?

Published on 25th February 2020

May I begin by congratulating you for forming the government of national unity. Some of us won’t believe its practicality until lasting peace is achieved and cherished by all. We won’t believe until you answer the question: will you really trust each other to work for peace and tranquility and finally save this country from the political and economic chaos that you created?

There is growing apprehension among the citizens that you won’t live up to deliver the promises of a functional South Sudan. A lot needs to be done to dispel this negative apprehension. Above all, please know that there’s a lot at stake for the people of South Sudan. For years we’ve suffered under your ignoble political ambitions. I pray we shall not suffer again as we’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t know what lies ahead, but I pray for a new South Sudan. I also pray you shan’t take us back to your recent past that kept our country in crisis for years. I’d like to believe you shan’t divide our country by race, tribe or political party – but that you’ll bring us together as South Sudanese.

You are aware of the open wounds that your unfeeling actions have continued to inflict on South Sudanese citizens. I humbly request you to work within the constitution to protect, promote, and provide full security to every South Sudanese.

As we start a new chapter, one that was accomplished by the united people of South Sudan, may you appoint your cabinet ministers and the state governors on merit and not on favouritism and nepotism.

The hope for lasting peace hangs by a thread. I am personally among the pessimists who still don’t believe in both of you that one day you’ll make our country look great in the eyes of the world. This is because my conscience tells me that your attitude and approach are disturbingly predictable, so shocking, so unimaginative and very much characteristic of your own selves given the experiences we’ve had under your leaderships during those dark days (2013) when the two of you watched helplessly as cherished values of leadership took a quantum leap into mediocrity and darkness.

Our dear country has become the darling of international media albeit negatively as you fight each other shamelessly. Our democracy has truly gone to the hawks! This negative publicity has conspired to rob us of our collective integrity in the comity of nations.

This opportunity that presents itself through the transitional period will be the last and the only chance at least to show your people how caring you are to them by bringing lasting peace.

The stench that emanates from the systemic decay of our beloved country like the corruption scandals, eruption of fighting in the country’s capital…, were so malodorous and capable of deadening one’s nasal sensibilities to a state of virtual paralysis.

Your hunger and thirst for power have brought us down to where we are today, the profound leadership crisis when combined with the increasingly dangerous politics of neglect, spawns gloomy prognostication about our collective future as a young generation.

It’s sickening that our country degenerated to such a stage that people are living from hand to mouth. Is that what you want to bequeath to us?

With that said, I wish you all the best in this journey as it’ll be difficult and trying, but if there’s one thing I may insist upon, it’s this: Stay true to the people of South Sudan. Up to here, I rest my point.

By Dr. Luke Geng Geng (M.B.B.S)

Concerned South Sudanese citizen based in Gogrial State, Kuajok.

[email protected] or WhatsApp +211916166570

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