Coronavirus in Kenya

Published on 27th February 2020

The Kenya government`s permission of China Southern flights ferrying 239 Chinese to land in Kenya amid Coronavirus fears is dangerous and reckless. This happens on the backdrop of the government’s rejection to fly back Kenyan students in Wuhan who are pleading to be screened and allowed to fly back home.

The Chinese Embassy argues that all the passengers aboard the flight were screened and cleared before traveling. Can the Embassy shed light on the fact that the disease has incubation stages that affect manifestation of symptoms? At what stage was each of the passengers? When passengers are asked to self-quarantine, what does that mean? Who will monitor it? Where will it be done?

Is Kenya too money minded that the health of its citizenry does not matter? Is the Defense and Interior ministry aware that the disease is a threat to national security? Is our Foreign ministry aware that this act will endanger Kenya’s relationship with the rest of the EAC partners?

Before allowing in suspect individuals, the government must first prove to the citizenry that it is able to contain the virus. The government must openly declare how the country entry points are secured. The government must show Kenyans the quarantine areas it has set aside in various counties. The government must declare the medicine it has set aside for this and how many medical staff are involved.

Kenyans, we are in for a rude shock if we do not take urgent precautionary measures, self-police and ensure that the government works for our good. 

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