African Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Published on 7th April 2020

We thank African governments for the commendable efforts they are making to help mother Africa get through the coronavirus pandemic.

However, permit us to most respectfully say a few words.

Our biggest challenge as Africans and black people is that we always look elsewhere for solutions. What stops us from looking inwards for solutions? After all, our forefathers were the ancestors of mankind and civilization started in black Africa. We have been on this earth before the West and the Chinese. We have by far more experience than them all on how to survive on earth. We should be the teachers and not the other way round.

Our challenge is Cultural Imperialism and its antidote is AFRICAN CULTURAL RENAISSANCE. Now is the right time to put that to action in confronting the current and present danger posed by the Coronavirus pandemic to Africa in particular and the world in general.

Our suggestion is as follows:

African governments should put machinery in motion for the immediate construction and hosting of a mass participatory website through which Africans and black people globally will interact as they collectively brainstorm and evolve solutions to the pandemic.

Research institutions especially medical and traditional medical institutions should be asked to suggest medications from time immemorial to the present day that they believe would be useful in treating and preventing Coronavirus. The medicines considered feasible should be deployed.

It is important that African leaders develop an African response to the global pandemic, a response that puts in mind African socio-political-economic realities.

Africans should do everything under the sun to radically increase the immunity of all Africans all over the world and of all people resident in Africa. Luckily, Africa is full of fruits, vegetables and other food items that have high capacity of increasing human immunity.

Long Live Africa

By Yahaya E.G K Ndu,

President, African Revolutionary Movement.

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