Racism in Guangzhou: Africa Must Be Firm

Published on 14th April 2020

The African Union's demand for clarification from the Chinese envoy to Addis Ababa as well as Nigeria’s summoning of the Chinese ambassador in Nigeria to register displeasure at the treatment of Africans in Guangzhou is a step in the right direction.

At this time when the entire globe is threatened by the coronavirus pandemic, concerted efforts, mutual understanding, mutual support and cooperation, are indispensable. The lives of millions of people have suddenly changed. This is not a time for indifference, self-centeredness and division. We have to work actively for the common good, to provide the means and resources needed to enable everyone to lead a dignified life and, when circumstances allow, to assist them in resuming their normal daily activities.

While it is incumbent upon Africans in foreign countries to familiarize  themselves the laws of the land, the stand taken by the African Union and several African states should be bolstered to ensure that Africans are treated with dignity all over the world.

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