Africa and Corona: Disturbing Questions

Published on 21st April 2020

I speak as one of you: A proud son of the soil of this great continent! Listen to me, Africa, and listen well, because if you don’t, ours will be like the story of the planned extermination of the Jews by Haman in the book of Esther. I want this message passed to every leader of Africa. Let us talk African politics. There is an elephant in the Corona room, but our African governments don’t want to say it. There can only be two reasons I can think of as to why they don’t want to talk about it; either, it will trample them underfoot or they brought it into the room and don’t want it out.

Here it is: Our leaders have accommodated the plans of an American tycoon called Bill Gates. You can guess why. It is either his big bucks which have paralyzed our presidents and prime ministers or their helplessness at a time we all want them to slay the elephant.

Bill Gates views himself as the new “messiah” of the world. He wants to save the world by apparently eradicating diseases through vaccines. Yes, you heard me right. Vaccines. He wants to do this through his dollars. His economic hand is holding nearly every nation of the world in some way including the United Nations and even the World Health Organization in which he has a stake. His foundation has been funding numerous vaccine development projects and, get this: He is right now big into the development of a vaccine for the Coronavirus. But you say, “Reuben, what is wrong with a philanthropist helping the world deal with diseases? Isn’t it great that he is working on a Coronavirus vaccine, something that is killing the world right now?’’

It is in the public domain that Bill Gates foresaw this global pandemic as early as 2015 on the least. Video clips captured him warning about a global flu that would hit the world in a few years. But even worse, is the open fact that there was a simulation of a Corona invasion at least twice last year – in the last quarter of 2019 – which he funded. Is it any wonder that Corona broke out a few weeks later? If this seems far-fetched, please just offer a counter-narrative that will convince me.

Gates has been quoted as saying that the best way to manage the crisis is have everyone vaccinated – but he is the one funding the vaccination programme. But hang on a second. The vaccination Gates wants is not just medical. It is also IT related. He wants a Nano-chip to go with the vaccine so that it is easy for “governments” to track down who has the virus and those he/she has been in touch with. My little research has led me to something called the “quantum tattoo” that he wants everyone to have. This, of course, will work with an increased access of internet to the whole world.

Are you surprised that several governments are talking more IT than food and health at this time? Have you heard about Google’s plan to install “Loon Balloons” around areas of Africa which have poor internet to provide 4G internet? Our systems of education and ministers in these sectors are getting excited about E-learning that will be made easy in this way. What they are not telling you is that this will radically change our systems of learning and education in general to fit a world order that is driven by a few “colonial” masters that may eventually dictate what is taught around the world. Governments, including those of Africa, are overexcited about the fact that Google is offering this for free at first and are stupefied into thinking that the more global we are in outlook the better for us; yet they do not ask what this new “globalization” implies for Africa.

Let me close by asking a few questions and, if I never use the internet again because of being barred, let it be recorded that I asked:

1. What have computers got to do with vaccines?

2. When did a single computer guru and his company become the biggest voice in medical matters more than our medical experts?

3. How can someone be talking about a vaccine in the next few months when we know that the development of vaccines takes years to develop and test?

4. Could it be that the vaccine-obsessed person is part of our current global Corona crisis? What does he know that our medical experts did not know?

5. Why are the figures of Corona infections low in Africa, but the West, including WHO thinks that Africans will die the most from the virus?

6. While I encourage our governments to keep vigilant and help us implement measures of containing the virus, could they not have an A.U. summit to forge an African “way forward” with this vaccine mania given how vaccines have harmed Africa and other non-western countries?

7. What do we have to gain by collaborating with those who do not mean well for Africa? Why is it so hard for Africa to unite and fight this pandemic using African solutions? Must we be told everything including how to die?

8. What happens when one can manage to instill fear in the whole human population? Many things will happen, but one is chief: People stop thinking. I have not stopped thinking. I hate to say this, but, I MAY BE PHYSICALLY BLIND BUT MY HEART AND MIND ARE NOT BLIND!

Many people may scorn God, but Africa has millions who cry to God daily to have mercy on the continent. As in the days of Haman, many of us wet our prayer mats and floors with tears of intercession. When you talk about why Africans are not dying in millions as predicted, please do me the favour of remembering this: God’s mercy is on Africa, otherwise we would have died from all the other schemes that have been plotted against us.

Long live Africa, and praise be to God the Most High, who has protected us this far and will yet protect all those who call upon Him.

By Reuben Kigame

Radio Journalist and Christian Apologist.

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