Africans are Self-Imposed Doormats

Published on 5th May 2020

Folks –I hope you are on SELF PRESERVATION mode not lockdown – lockdown is for those doing time and locked up. Chew on that. While on that, take a look at the pictures a Kenyan sent me recently about projects in Kenya done by Chinese.

At what point do AFRICANS rise from their POVERTY of MIND situation to take responsibility for what they do and what they expect from others?

Mark you, many Africans will display and parade their certificates and degrees to impress but when it comes to doing the heavy-lifting to uplift their various countries – will defer and look to outsiders – now Daniel Comes to Justice – Chinese?

Has COLONIZATION AND SLAVERY left the African and black race with a sense of deprivation/hopelessness such that no matter the education they have, they still seek others to BUILD FOR THEM instead of BUILD WITH THEM? What has the black person, be they Africans and or their cousins African-Americans, missed acquiring certificates and degrees from same schools of those they lean on to rescue and save them?

There are many KENYANS home and abroad who have degrees in civil engineering and some as Professors teaching same, but when it comes to getting it right for their country, will yield to outsiders who when due diligence is done hardly possess minimum requirements. Don’t forget Kenya has had civil rule stability since independence, and in 1975, became the first African country to receive IMF bailout. If civil rule-democracy as the west preaches is the panacea for economic development, how come Kenya has not figured it but looks to uncivil and undemocratic China to rescue them? What happens in Kenya is what goes on in many African countries.

Travel all over Africa and see TALES of TEARS of shoddy projects done by Africans and their outside consultants and WEEP. Is there something in the black DNA that when it comes to getting it right for their collective existence – they just drop the ball?

As we focus on RACE and RACISM – we often forget that we allow TRIBALISM to deter us from seeing value using our own to make the right moves. The black race is consumed by things they have no control over and often use that as excuse not to forge to emerge. It is always about what others have done to them but they forget what they are openly doing to themselves.

While “C – country” China; is now doing for Africa what Africans cannot do for themselves, this reminds us that when one make themselves a DOORMAT – they have no one to blame for getting stepped on. I could care less the number of certificates and degrees anyone has to parade – am like Missouri – SHOW ME. Africans have not shown themselves that they can get it right and as a result - given their BEGGING nature – get stuck with CRAP.

Like my mom always reminded me – when one invite ants into their home – they must be held responsible.

China is the ant that Africans have invited into their home – they are responsible for the devastation as a result the ant’s presence and work.

I LIKE CHINA as a PLATE. I don’t like CHINA as a PLACE. China is desperate to be relevant in the world and as a result, Africa is easy to conquer as they match to other vulnerable regions. Igbos say – remove the hands of a monkey from the soup before it is seen as hand of a human.

Until next time people, hide your certificates and degrees as a BLACK person if you cannot uplift your race. Let what you do – show that there is a certificate and or degree behind it. Anyone can get a certificate and or degree if they have MOPP mentality.


By Ejike E. Okpa

Dallas, Texas

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