Playing The Racism Card Is Untenable

Published on 4th August 2020

Don’t let racism hold you back. Some people actually like being a victim. It is so much easier than doing for self. When things around them are all messed up it is so easy to transfer blame to the racist system. Why are you kids on drugs–the system. Why are you uneducated– the system. You can live in this state of the blame for eternity. Well, this page is here to ruin your victimhood because we are not in the same situation of our recent enslaved ancestors. We are not in the same situation as the founders of Black Wallstreet. We are not in the same situation as Garvey, yet look at what all of them accomplished in worse conditions.  We are totally and utterly out of excuses.

When you look across Africa, you realize we are not a monolith. Some cultures are far more enslaved than others. Some Christians (per the meme) will buy a factory and convert it into a church and pray for jobs. Yet other Christians in Africa will never do that, they will make shoes out of old tires. In some parts of Africa, you will never ever see a Mosque without a school and a place for businesses to operate–Never. And the same with some Hebrews. Some people from parts of Africa are 100% on a business trip. Before they even sort out a place to sleep, they sort out a place to trade. You go to their business and look around the counter and they pray, sleep, eat and trade from one spot. Just like the Chinese. You will never beat them. You can be racist to them all day long, and short of killing them, you will never hold them back. They come to your country with one suitcase and in 5 years they living in a 4-bedroom house in the suburbs. And what I ask my people in the West, are they not facing even more racism than us in the Diaspora? So racism cannot hold us back, we hold us back more.

There can be no covenants between men and lions, wolves and lambs can never be of one mind, but hate each other out and out and through. Therefore, there can be no understanding between you and me, nor may there be any covenants between us, till one or other shall fall — Homer

Everyone is racist to everyone. What did Churchill say about India? But do you know why India is not feeling racism like us in Africa? The British were very racist to the Chinese. Racist attitudes do not bother China. Everyone was racist to the Jews, so why did those racist attitudes not stop them dead in their tracks? Jews run Hollywood. Go buy a camera in New York with an antisemitic attitude and see how far you get.

Not all objectives are so flashy; most are dull and boring. You know they do not bring instant gratification. They do not make your heart thump faster. They are not always seen by the naked eye. We have argued that the real revolution happens in quiet spaces. You can put 1000 people in front of an embassy, or you can stay at home and organize a lobby.

The lobby over 1 year will accomplish far more than any protest will. Laws are changed through lobbies far more often than by protesting. You might have seen protest on the news but what you do not see is the lawyers and policymakers affecting change through documents and politics. That is how changes come about. In South Africa, the protest to the alcohol ban was not done by one march. Heavy lobbying by White monied interest. It does not take shouting; it takes a legal educated mind within an understanding of power and economics.

America descends into more race riots at the killing of yet another African American. It might be sad, and people must find another way because of no amount of violence to fix America’s race problem. You vent today and wake up oppressed tomorrow and after tomorrow. Still, no stake in the economics or politics of the world that governs over you. But they got the world’s attention (for 2 minutes). How CNN and Co. love when Africans riot! Nothing does more for readership than race violence.

Ask the average African American about methods of resistance and all they know is boycott, burn something or lock arms and sing: very monolithic. 30)The members of AIPAC, do not sing. Big tobacco does not sing. The gun association does not sing; they do something else. They change policy. We as an African people have not evolved the right to vote to gain a right to an equitable share of power, and that means the side effects of racism will continue to haunt us because (as always) we remain ignorant of self, poor and powerless. All of those things can only be changed by us.

Victory for different people has different definitions; Victory for the popular anti-racist movement is White people not crossing the road when they see us or the security guard not following us around the Walmart when we shop.

Victory should be us just owning the shops where we shop. Problem solved. Anti-racism is dismantling the things that keep us from owning the world we live in, not an increase in Whites putting us on CNN but us owning our own CNN. Not more Black Panther films, but films about us by us. Not more Dark skin children in rich white schools, but our own schools of excellence. Victory is not Gucci hiring more African designers, but us supporting Ocacia Designer Clothing and soleRebels. Victory is not more White people writing about African history, but us writing our own history and rewarding our own awards to those who represent us.

Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. –sūrat l-raʿd (The Thunder)

When the riots and the music blackout stop the victory will be 4 corrupt racist policemen in custody and us in the same pathetic economic and social state. We will still not know who Menelik was, we will still not know what Garvey said and we will still not know how to run our own businesses or sew our own clothes, or control the education of our children.

By Alik Shahadah

'Alik Shahadah is a master of the Documentary format and progressive African scholar. Shahadah uses film for social revolution. A multi-award winning recipient including the rare UNESCO award for his critically acclaimed film on slavery 500 Years Later. He is best known for authoring works, which deal with African history, social justice, environmental issues, education and world peace. He states his primary motivation for making these films was being frustrated with "Tarzan's voice" as the central narrator in African stories. He noted that while scholarship challenges these issues, the common knowledge of the majority is generally unaltered, writing alone is not enough, the ultimate tool for re-education on a mass level is film

Courtesy: African Holocaust

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