Blacks Must Stop Whining and Get To Work

Published on 11th August 2020

Anyone who thought or is thinking that President Donald Trump is the reason for systemic racism in America is wrong.

For eight years, President Obama had two blacks back-to-back as US Attorney Generals. Instead of the generals using the opportunity to institute a strong criminal justice reform starting with the police, Obama instead sought to have a beer parlor summit when a black Harvard Professor was manhandled by a Boston/Cambridge police officer.

Obama sailed through his presidency giving speeches and avoiding matters of significant benefits that impact minorities. Whenever one got critical of him, they were either labeled haters and or racist. So as the chosen one (Messiah or Mirage hardly Miracle) the sheepish flock followed the shepherd still enjoying the wilderness. Tell me, is there a POTUS white people have not been critical of and ridiculed?

For black America, their own in office must be worshipped and celebrated. That could be the reason why Obama was a celebrity President as opposed to a celebrated President, given the missed opportunity. What did he do for Chicago, his hometown, or his acclaimed father’s land Kenya?  Again, at a summit, he wanted Kenya to consider passing and adopting gay rights, which saw him booed.

Black Americans take pride in hero-worshipping their own in office. They are not happy if their own in office are held accountable because of a wrong belief that being critical of them is not good. If not, how come with numerous Black folks at the altar of share serving at various government levels elected and appointed, things still fall apart in Black America?

No other ethnic group in US has more of their own working in public agencies than Black folks, yet the wilderness cry gets louder. Any surprise there, go to Africa where they are in charge of their destiny yet they spend inordinate amount of energy blaming foreigners and their former colonial master who left the continent decades ago.

Feel good Black folks - apologists and sympathizers will find some lousy ways to justify black race lack of spunk to take charge and control of its mandates. Black folks are busy looking for who to blame for their often-self-inflicted conditions using aspects of their painful history to keep them in constant state of agitation.

Mature minds use history to excel - immature minds use history to look for someone to blame. Hand every black person alive a million dollars and a PhD so they feel good about themselves, and they will still stretch out their arms for more alms.

Take the case of Awka in Nigeria. Awka gained its reputation because of traditional blacksmithing. West African History books note this fact. David Nwume and John Uzoka, both men from Awka, won awards in England (1924/ 1925) for designing one of the gates in Buckingham Palace. Awka, present day capital of Anambra State, has nothing to show relating to its historic reputation. Not even a museum exists to chronicle such history despite an Awka native, Kenneth Dike, as first Nigerian to earn a PhD in History.

The traditional industry base has virtually disappeared as Nigerians abandon the natural skills they possess to chase after classroom education for fancy desk jobs while producing nothing. As Nigerians garner more certificates and degrees, the country's productivity abilities, capacities and index take a negative dive. One would have expected education to enhance industrial emergence but for Nigerians caught up on fancy titles using letters before and after their names, what they know by nature has been ditched. The country has many engineers but nothing gets engineered. The country has many doctors but many people are sick.

No nation will have robust economic base without leveraging its natural skills which attract add-ons. Oil and gas being present in Nigeria is not because of what Nigerians did. It is an unearned resource like one winning lottery but never becoming wealthy. They may appear rich but they are hardly wealthy.

Revamp natural skills and improve on it with modern processing, and one will be on their way to reputable economic productive engagement.

Black Americans who ought by virtue of their presence in the world's most successful nation, rise to be beacons for other blacks worldwide, have shown crying and whining are tools to use to extort in order to live. No wonder there is no respect.

By Ejike E. Okpa II

Nigerian Real Estate Developer in Dallas. He was recently appointed by the City Council of Dallas to serve as a member of the Community Police Oversight Board.

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