Sudan Needs a New Formula to Manage the Transitional Period

Published on 19th April 2022

Sudan today is in dire need of a comprehensive and urgent political process, to stop its slide into the abyss. By the political process, I mean the agreement on new constitutional procedures which will see the constitutional document of 2019 amended, canceled, and replaced with a new constitutional document that will govern the remainder of the transitional period proposed to extend to twenty-four months, effective from the date of signing the new document.

The Sudanese should lead and present the details of this political process, which must be guided by the sanctity of the principles and charter of the December revolution, and be commited to democracy, human rights, dismantling the June 30 regime,  and providing the required support to the  investigation committee  to expedite the completion of its mission. Any political process, regardless of the richness and value of its content, cannot be successful unless it is preceded by an integrated package of measures that provides it with an enabling environment and suitable climate.

Is there anyone among the ruling group who rejects these measures to create the atmosphere, as if they do not want this political process or a change in the current bad political situation? 

Unfortunately, there are practices that fuel suspicion of the existence of this influential and influential group. Otherwise, how do we explain the arrest campaigns that targeted hundreds of the youth of the December revolution, in the same hateful manner of the Salvation regime? How do we explain the recent decision to relieve the directors of Sudanese universities from their positions, knowing that they calmly and impartially lead initiatives that lead to the success of the political process in the country? 

Confronting the processions and demonstrations with preemptive arrests and with bloody violence to the point of martyrs, did not break the power of the protesting youth of the revolution, and will not succeed in curbing street protests.

The essence of the political process should be based on reconsidering the formula of the partnership between civilians and the military that existed since the signing of the constitutional document of 2019 until the coup of October 25, 2021, and which proved its failure, and the search for a new formula compatible with the management of the transition period.

The desired political process will materialize through two stages. In the first stage, an immediate and urgent intervention should be made to create an appropriate mechanism that will work to achieve the transition from the current situation, the situation after October 25, 2020, to a new situation led by a civilian government popularly accepted and agreed upon by all stakeholders. It should work quickly to get out of the current political crisis, avoid the pitfalls of economic collapse and avoid security deterioration. 

As for the second phase, a comprehensive dialogue should be launched. This round table mechanism should confirm and consolidate what is agreed upon in the first phase in order to achieve the stability of the transitional period, and to adopt specific projects, plans and detailed programs that respond to the slogans of the revolution and the demands of the street in accomplishing the tasks of the transitional phase. 

In the absence of political will on the part of any of the Sudanese parties to propose an appropriate and acceptable mechanism for all to organize and lead these two phases, the joint effort between UNMIS, the African Union and IGAD can provide this appropriate mechanism to initiate and sponsor the comprehensive political process based on the consensus between the various components of the parties, resistance committees, civil society organizations, and military forces.

Otherwise, if one of these components sees the exclusion of the other components and that he alone has the right to make a decision about the fate of this country, then the country will prepare for a crisis that will extend and prolong its manifestations and escalate perhaps to the point of civil war. 

I hope that we will not become short-sighted, and waste this joint effort of the tripartite UNITAMS, the African Union and IGAD, and I think we should all cooperate  instead of bickering, because the loser in the end is the homeland.

Dr. Al-Shafie Khader Saeed

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