The Mandate Foresight for Kenya: Navigating the Current Socio-economic and Political Challenges

Published on 11th May 2023

Kenya faces a very real economic and humanitarian crisis, with ballooning public debt, the rising cost of food, the government being unable to pay its workers, and up to six million Kenyans facing starvation.

All presidential hopefuls during the 2022 general elections promised country-wide bliss.

The Kenya – Kwanza government is now in the reality room, burning midnight oil to craft short-run measures to manage public expectations and build the foundation for long-term measures.

What should Kenyans do? Lower their expectations and resign themselves to Kenya’s debased politics, or to continue along the frustrating road of trying to force Kenyan politicians into a new mould?

The Mandate Foresight for Kenya 2022 captures insights from volunteer Kenyan Thought Leaders who met on July 28, 2022, to reflect on the immense socio-economic challenges hitting the current administration and how to navigate them.

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