Militarism or No Militarism? Africa’s Question

Published on 30th August 2023

Afri-Centrism is a liberal concept that propagates proactive African nationalism, unity, freedom & empowerment. It’s thus a progressive concept that offers sustainable solutions to The African Problem.

My definition above automatically throws Militarism or Military Rule in Africa into sharp focus; it questions its viability or credibility as a panacea to Africa’s chronic predicaments. So is Military Rule the answer to or part of The African Problem?

Well, to be honest, few military regimes have positively contributed to seismic reforms in Africa. For instance, the Thomas Sankara-led military regime in 1983 in Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) and the NPRC in Sierra Leone in 1992 superficially altered the political trajectory in both nations for the better. Sankara eloquently personified disciplined Afro-Progressivism and proactive African nationalism; the NPRC courageously halted the satanic One -Party State that had zero respect for democracy; but even these positives could not effectively tackle The African Problem in these nations. This is because Military Rule offers emotional solutions; it creates an iron-fist illusion of stability that transiently inspires and invigorates citizens but, as we’ve seen throughout African history, it has had no productive impact on  our quest for African renaissance, empowerment and sustainable development.

So is ECOWAS right to threaten the forceful removal of Niger’s current military regime? NO!! ECOWAS’s sudden uproar against Niger’s military rule after ignoring all other coups in the region is a bogus and despicable display of diplomatic falsehood, double-standards and corrupt neo-colonial politics.

The Niger conflict is an extension of the global Russian-NATO super power war of dominance; an attempt to punish Niger for refusing to allow an alternative Europe bound oil route through its territory instead of Russia’s. So, as usual and quite disgracefully for Africa, ECOWAS is being bribed by the West to slavishly carry out its dirty work against a fellow African nation.

Nothing has changed, just like in the days of the Slave Trade, African leaders are still being used by white imperialists to enslave and destroy Africa. We must say no to the ECOWAS war even though military rule is not the answer to the African problem.

Consequently, the solution to the African Problem begins with freedom from psychological servitude. We must develop and believe in our own African potential to resolve our problems and empower Africa. We must install true agents AFRO-CENTRISM with modern progressive mentality that understands the mechanism of productive and collaborative politics.

We must rise up to create a federal republic of Africa that focuses on dignifying African humanity through self-sufficient development. We can if we create a unitary African nation powerful enough to socially, economically and politically defend Africa. We can if we invoke the spirit of true African progressive icons of old to embrace modern liberals.

Yes we can.

By Bashiru Vandi

Progressive Afro-Centrist

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