Africa Business: Time to Expand

Published on 12th July 2005

The international media attention Africa received over the last two weeks a wake-up call to the African business persons to claim the position of producer and marketers. Ignore the deliberate attempt to paint the continent as helpless and full of beggars. Let investors not be bogged down by the negative belief that Africans cannot solve their own problems. To give investors a chance to address African problems, African governments must take steps, to open their borders to intra Africa movement. They must standardize the business climate in the continent. They must allow more players in the communication sector in order to ensure that the African people communicate. Open the African skies to facilitate quick inter state travel. Lower the tariffs; intra-Africa trade tariff of 33.6% (Agriculture: Sub-Sahara) is the highest in the World. As wealthy nations seek to maintain the status quo in Africa, it is imperative that African producers take a proactive step in urging their governments to lower and eliminate barriers. 800 million Africans are presently being turned into dummies for aid experiment while ignoring the fact that these are 800 million minds with millions of solutions and strategies to change the face of Africa. The African political leadership are investing heavily in seeking aid, a few of the cronies who run aid related businesses may applaud this approach; but the new Africa is calling upon the self-made business people with products that can solve the African problems. Invest in health, communication, education, water, food among other areas. Let Africa not use only her hands – but her mind too. Exploit the media attention and market your products to the World!





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