Africa: What\'s the Way Forward?

Published on 19th July 2005


It has been five years since African Union was established. Has it fulfilled its goals five years down the line? It was established with a view of not only enhancing unity, good relations, integrity and independence among African nations but also speeding up the continents social, economical and political integration among others. During the fifth ordinary summit of the African Union, President Gaddafi had a lot to say about the state of AU, “African people feel frustrated that the union which is supposed to achieve their aspirations has slid into the same mire which engulfed the Organization of African Unity which achieved nothing during its 40 year life. This has also happened with the treaty of Abuja that was signed 15 years ago and it has not yet been implemented.” He noted that proposed institutions such as the African Central bank, the African Monetary Fund and the court of the African Union have not yet been established.


If Africans have to achieve total liberation for the continent then they must unite. Africans must learn to work together as a continent this is the only way we can achieve unity. He observes that Africa has “sovereignty without unity.” African unity is the only way to heal cross border conflict. Alluding from Nkrumah, he warned that without unity, people in their desperate attempt for a better standard of living will rebel against the revolutionary authority and savior of the people. This unity is vital in fostering trade for how can the continent play a role in the world economy when “Gambia is negotiating with the giant blocs on an individual basis?” All of Africans orders must be collated. Then they will become huge when placed on market for bidding.  In the 1900s Africans called for United States of Africa and who were their models? The United States of America, not Europe. Why is this so? Gaddafi explains the reason: “They did not depict Europe as a model at all because the European model cannot be replicated in Africa. We are one poor nation and Europe consists of classes: huge capitalists and poor unemployed people. Africa has its own characteristics: one nation and an isolated continent.”


On the constitution he noted that most African constitutions are colonially inherited. A number of them do not serve respective countries because they are mere copies of the constitutions of other nations which reflect another reality other than Africa. But is there a solution to this? Gaddafi said “Constitutions can be amended. They are not revelations especially when they are imported from abroad. These constitutions are not African, they were imported from Europe.”


Advances to Africa from foreign nations should be viewed with suspicion for foreign powers are subjecting Africans to what Gaddafi calls, “a double faced phenomenon which is benign on the surface and malicious underneath.” The West are controlling the Africans. The West come with proposals aimed at extending support for Africa tagged with humiliating conditions. He said, “If you want to give charity to anybody, say a beggar in the street, you are not going to ask him about his religion or inquire if he is a Muslim. If he is in need of that penny you should give him the money and go.” But instead what does the West do? It gives charity followed by a set of conditions.


Building further on aid Gaddafi observes that Africans cannot make their future by begging. Africans should solve their own problems. If anything the more aid Africa gets the poorer it becomes. Billions are flooded in Africa yet there is no difference people still leave on less than a dollar a day and we are always begging for more and more. When will Africans learn to stand on their own feet and say no to aid? According to Gaddafi, “Begging cannot make the future of Africa. Begging at the doors of the big 8, 10 or 7 cannot make the future of Africa. We are in need for a plan for our mutual cooperation, and between the big or the small. We offend Africa when we go to the doors of the big and extend our hands seeking charity.” Africa can be self sustaining for after all Africa has vast natural resources that can be exploited and make it a better. Gadaffi observed that the West needs Africa more than Africa needs the West, “They are the ones that need Africa, they need its wealth.”


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