Fishing Industry on Threat

Published on 9th August 2005


Fishing Industry on Threat

The fisheries department warned that increased waste input into Lake Victoria and its catchment area is threatening the lake\'s fish population. The fisheries officials said there was heavy dumping of waste, which was affecting water quality and the fish habitat in Africa\'s largest fresh water body. They said the contamination, coupled with the use of destructive fishing gear was killing off the fish. The lake is home for over 270 fish species, which are endangered by the indiscriminate affluent dumping and the use of illegal fishing gears. “Increased nutrients load and activities in the lake\'s catchments can contribute to the migration of fish but can cause disappearance of some species,\" Dick Nyeko, the commissioner for fisheries said.

Sub-Sahara Recognizes the Environment

Development\'s Director, Wilbur Thomas, said countries in Sub-Sahara Africa had begun realizing that development is now based on a sound environment. He noted that without good environment there is no time for work and survival. \"Therefore, it is necessary that governments of countries prioritize environmental programme.\" Director Thomas spoke at an organized program in observance of Environmental Day held on the campus of the African Methodist Episcopal University last Friday. \"Liberia, without doubt has the best tropical environment within West Africa. And USAID policy is to work along with countries to help improve their environmental programs particularly in the area of conservation of nature,\" he reported to the audience. \"We must design programs for the environment and disseminate the information to the public with constant encouragement to Liberians on how best they could assist in protecting their own environment,\" Thomas asserted.

Nigeria Donates Food to Niger

Nigeria handed over 1,000 tonnes of relief food to its northern neighbour. Aminu Bello Masari, chairman of the emergency relief committee on Niger, made the donation in the northern city of Kano. Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo last week set up the committee to collect donations and relief materials for Niger. Niger\'s ambassador to Nigeria, Musa Ibrahim Malam, who received the donation on behalf of his country, expressed his government\'s gratitude to Nigeria

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