Positive Values Will Rebuild Nigeria

Published on 11th September 2007

Going by events in and around Nigeria, the pride and glory of nationhood has deserted this country. A critical assessment of the Nigeria socio-political, economic and overall cultural status will prove further the level of dis-orchestration.


What do we do to rejuvenate the fallen state of our national glory and dignity? And how do we achieve whatever we intend to do? What are the right and critical values for rebuilding Nigeria?


Peaceful and harmonious co-existence between the distinct peoples of the Nigerian cultural and ethnic monolith together with social justice will not only harmonize Nigeria to a one and un-polarisable unit but to a viable component, rid of rancour and incessant social instability. The marginalization on a section of Nigerians in terms of infrastructure and other social provisioning will only configure into a litany of communal conflict and political intolerance.


An overhauling of education in Nigeria is crucial for rebuilding the country. An educational system with values, void of otiose and elitist policies of the stakeholders and government and that which will embellish and enhance the task of rebirth by ceaselessly educating the minds of the citizens to foster speedy sanitation of the decadent society of Nigeria is obviously what we need. Nigerian minds need liberation. The education of national consciousness; individual effort to solve problems and redefinition of the operational methods of the existing system will offer a quantifiable base for the attainment and actualization of rebirth.


A positivistic value of religious tolerance between the various lead religions in Nigeria; sensitization of the individual religious adherents to uphold the sanctity of life and never waste it in the name of religion and institutionalization of a waste-phobic religion will rebuild Nigeria. Religion must not turn itself to a citadel of destruction and arson, but that which must acknowledge the issues of differences in wealth – capacities of individuals and that which must uphold respect for human beings. These among other religious values are actually what are required in rebuilding Nigeria.


Our political problem lies on the fact that we suffer a dearth of value oriented politicians. The intemperance of the politicians to avarices and trickery has made Nigeria grow worse everyday and unless the breed of politicians with positive value and merit come by, the situation might never change. Politicians should uphold values that restore citizens’ hope for a better Nigeria. Values of sincerity and probity of service to the people and all round osmosis of political policies for the betterment of the conditions of the hunger-infested citizens is heterogeneously vital.


Nigerians must no longer indulge in anti rebuilding activities. Imbibing a culture of national commitment will do us a big favour in view of the aimed process of rebuilding a stronger and more viable unit, Nigeria. Nigerians and their leaders should demonstrate a genuine exemplary lifestyle that can acculturate and inculcate into the growing citizens, the sense to choosing the right value and also, the creative minds towards the pursuance of aggressive value oriented lifestyle.


As means of valediction however, it is worthy of note that the critical values for rebuilding Nigeria lies within our focal range and seems very attainable only if we Nigerians see and take up the call to duty of rebuilding Nigerian to the best of our ability. Introspectively, the values for rebuilding Nigeria are self based but depend on a generalized articulation. Therefore, by and large, my values and your values, once positive are very crucial and critical in rebuilding Nigeria        

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