Fashion: The Celebrity Connection

Published on 25th September 2007

Celebrities (unlike heroes) go for extra-ordinary identities to cut out a niche for themselves. They are the most pampered people in the world with access to the best products and services, including the best of stylists and make-up artists. They consequently look elated and confident all day, largely because of the exceptional products and services they enjoy from the ‘best’ in the market.

Being innovative individuals that entrepreneurs are, they have turned celebrities into money-minting projects. The world over, digits scribbled on the price tag of an item speak volumes about the product. The figures are associated with the production cost of the item as they are to its quality. However, the same is not reciprocal for items associated with celebrities. They proudly adorn display racks and mannequins attached with price tags reading figures that might be mistaken for the designer’s private telephone number. The prices are ridiculously high in relation to similar products in the market.

Amazingly, people flock the stores en masse to acquire the item forcing the merchant to stage an auction. By the time the hammer falls, the price is much higher. This is attributed largely to the public perception that a celeb is a ‘perfect’ being. On this basis, most people purchase a celebrity product knowing that it will look as good on them. Even if it doesn’t look good on them, they would be proud to be associated with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Barrack Obama, by way of having an item that was once used by them.

Princess Diana had magnetism and charm that is usually reserved for movie stars. If she was an actress, her face and hair would have been restyled to another hilarious look. But as a princess, her looks were honest and genuine. Her total style caught the entire world’s attention. With (an online marketing and sales company), we’ll soon purchase Diana’s outfit and jewelry at a lucrative price.

Just because celebrities have access to an array of expensive beauty products doesn’t mean that they all choose to use the expensive items. For some, it is a way of making an extra coin because they are paid by the firms producing whatever item as a way of advertising. Just like you and me, celebrities know that expensive is not always better!  Others persevere to adorn some gift items just to make those who gave them feel acknowledged.

Designing a fashion item that will sell is one thing, it is another issue altogether to market the same. Branding your items the celebrity way might land you a huge sales volume and a name too. It takes more than skill to excel in any business, there is need for a smart study of your local celebrities, find a reliable one and approach them for a deal. Get out of the confinement of product design and talk to the ‘money minting projects’ then watch your profit as it hits the ceiling.

Wannabes like you and me scramble for a piece of the pie, even at inflated prices just to feel, as the Stanbic Bank punchline puts it: “Inspired, Motivated and Involved.” We always seek association, if Donald Trump wears the same, why not? Am sure your village has their ‘Trump’ that everyone wants to identify with, any Kenyan marketer can confirm to you that were it not for Raila’s move to acquire a HUMMERTM (an all terrain vehicle), General Motors (EA) would not have recorded the kind of sales they are enjoying from sales of the same brand. Everyone wants measure up to the celeb or be better.

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