Adorning Your Head to Excellence

Published on 2nd October 2007

Not long ago, a friend and I were sharing ideas about our body parts and what they speak about us. Equated to a meal, our chat would have been mouth-watering. Our ‘meal’ got tastier when we zeroed down on the head. The head has more than meets the eye. Its significance to impressions cannot be overstated. Its position makes it a definite point of reference in evaluating a person’s character. Significant features like the face, hair, ears and neck are all party to the head. The face can express different moods at different times, depending on your willingness to relay positive or negative feelings.

My friend, whose enterprising mind is unmatched, brought in a marketing perspective to the whole issue. He says, the head, just like any product manufactured by a company, has to be packaged in a way that is appealing to the public, for it to sell. The thin line between successful and unsuccessful merchandisers is their attention to detail when packaging and branding their products.

Whereas it is our prerogative to dress our heads, what they speak about us is everybody’s business. Regardless of your skin colour, facial features have to be dressed in an appealing manner. Your clients have to perceive you as a person they would like to associate with. A glimpse on your face will reveal whether or not you are disgusted, afraid, angry, surprised, contemptuous, sad or happy. A charming expression might earn you a business deal over a cup of coffee as your client perceives the friendly and trustworthy person in you.

The accessories you put on the head reveal a lot about you. Long dangling or sparkling earrings will portray a more outgoing person than studs and dull coloured ones which amplify an introvert. However, men’s ears are better looking when left undressed. Ladies, unlike gentlemen, may have their necks adorned with pendant necklaces, chains, pearls or chokers but should not be of religious or spiritual alignment to avoid a conflict of interest with clients.

For men’s hair, a short haircut is good enough to portray a neat and organized individual. Beards should be well kept if not shaved on a daily basis. If you wear a beard or moustache, keep it consistent. It creates a perception of a focused person who believes in himself. For ladies’ hair, the sky is the limit, literally. The longer and high up the sky it can be styled the better. No wonder, head wraps are tied way high into the sky like a crown of power would suggest. Head wraps are essential accessories for the outdoor enthusiast as they keep your hairstyle in place when traveling. They can be quickly bundled into a pocket when you're not using them.

The fashion industry creates euphoria of excitement at all levels of interaction. Both the elite and the humble are up in arms to grab the best that their heads can adorn, from wraps, caps, jewelry and make-up. Whichever accentuates your values and character, make a smart choice and go for it. Like the Swahili saying translates; "…Knowledge is like hair: each person has it…" Put your wisdom to test and let it shine on your behalf. Do you have a head in place? Please confirm.

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