Solace in Designer Labels

Published on 6th November 2007

Designer labels are never out of fashion if you want to be top among equals. The trend cuts across both men and women in all professions. World over, the simplicity in men’s dressing is amazing. It is an extreme contrast to the complexity that characterizes outfits designed for women. However, controversy rages when men appear to spend more on a single outfit of the same caliber than a lady’s which is much cheaper.

If this is anything to go by, then it should explain the mystery in larger wardrobes for women than men’s whose incomes stand at per. A man would pay five times more than what a lady would to acquire a relatively similar pair of shoes. However, the man’s shoes would hit the road at least five days in a week, while the lady’s might just do a maximum of two days. After a period of six months, it is common to find out that the man’s shoe would be in a fairly good shape than the ladies. Does this explain the costs? Hence the notion that an African man is slow in building his wardrobe unlike his female counterpart, whose appetite for a new item every week is unmatched.

It is not news that women clothing is much more advertised than that of men. Due to a continuous interest for their apparel, women’s clothing industry has registered a high development throughout time. As fashion and styles radically change from one season to another, designers’ imaginations grow bigger and bigger from collection to collection. For the men’s clothing to gain more importance, designers have begun to orient their design ideas towards a feminine look, which is gaining a gradual acceptance. For instance, for a longtime, pink coloured man’s shirts were not readily available in the market as is the case today. This is because pink was initially considered a feminine colour. However, with time the shirt is still considered a masterpiece in comparison with its feminine counterpart. It is only a change in colour, yet fashion stores are recording a remarkable growth in the sales of men’s shirts and ties.

The good news is that there are a wide range of designer clothing offering a multitude of styles and patterns from which men and women can choose from. The variety presents clothing and other accessories. These, offer a ‘level field’ to both gender because their prices are pegged on the authenticity of the designer label and not on male-female sales lines. Some of the hottest designers on the fashion scene currently are enjoying great loyalty from growing youthful professionals.

Although one reason that holds most people back from wearing the ultimate style is that designer clothing are quite expensive and costs beyond the reach of those with strict budgets, there is quite a big number of styles and designs of clothing offered by upcoming designer labels at much lower prices than the average, high-end labels.

While the truth is that there’s no real reason for which we buy designer clothing over other brand labels, research has revealed that as far as men’s clothing go; some naturally choose to buy high-end labels while others get acquainted with the luxury over time. Anyone knows how selective women are about what they wear. There are certain women who are very ‘adamant’ when it comes to or not wearing certain labels, styles, cuts and designer labels. The reason most people prefer designer clothes is because they completely change the looks and strengthen self confidence.

There’s no secret that designer clothing indicates success, wealth and status; a few important things that anyone would like to have. Thus, no matter how much you pay, fabulous looks and the confident feeling makes designer wear worth the cost in the end.

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