It’s a New Dawn For Liberia

Published on 20th November 2007

After a decade of conflicts and war, Liberia is pulling itself out of a mess that paralyzed all its operations. The new government, barely two years old in power, has embarked on a construction program. While commissioning the groundbreaking ceremony, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf welcomed the beginning of the construction, noting the importance of connecting rural food-producing areas to markets in urban areas. The high cost of transporting goods to the market means many Liberians depend on expensive imports.

The Third Africa German Forum


Picture copyright (© David
Ausserhofer, Berlin)

James Shikwati, Director Inter Region Economic Network, with His Excellency Horst Koehler President of the Federal Republic of Germany during the 3rd  German Africa Forum in Frankfurt in early November 2007. The brainstorming event which focused on The Challenges of Change – African and German Responses was graced by their Excellencies Horst Kohler, Festus Mogae, Marc Ravalomana, Armando Guebuza, Thomas Boni Yayi, Umaru Yar’Adua and Otumfuo Osei Tutu 2, Asantehene from Ghana.


Burundi on Course

Burundi’s Head of State, Pierre Nkurunuziza’s leadership has made Burundi an African success story. From a long period of conflicts, the nation is currently undergoing a restructuring in all sectors. The president named a new cabinet last week, a move that the United Nations has welcomed and called on the country's leadership to persevere in consolidating peace and strengthening democracy. Members of the international community in Bujumbura have expressed satisfaction that negotiations among local political actors have resulted in a consensus leading to the new Government.

Nairobi: Here we Come

Trading under the Savannah brand, Sasini Tea and Coffee Company has launched its first coffee shop in Nairobi. The company that initially specialized in growing and processing coffee and tea has now embarked on the service line of the same. Savannah opens in the city at a time when demand for the beverage is on the rise - especially for young professionals meeting to discuss business issues or be refreshed. However, the company is prone to face stiff competition from already established brands like Nairobi Java House and Dorman’s who offer similar services. The company is seeking to build its presence on the goodwill of its brand name that fetches a larger market share on the international market. It also plans to open similar shops in Dubai and London.

Reaping From Democracy

The current democratic awakening being experienced in many parts of Africa stands to give rise to greater stability and  development in the continent. This was observed by U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte while addressing the Community of Democracies Ministerial Forum in Bamako, Mali last week. The comments are a confirmation of recent democratic elections held in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola and Mozambique, countries that had initially experienced years of conflict.

Sudan Talks Taking Shape

A series of meetings are being held within the Eastern Africa region to avert any fallout of warring parties in the Darfur region. UN and AU mediators involved in the Darfur peace process held meetings in Southern Sudan in a bid to unify the positions of the war-torn region's splintering rebel movements ahead of direct negotiations with the Sudanese government. Also expected to be meeting in the course of the week are other rebel movements that did not attend last month’s government meeting. Elsewhere, Kenya’s former President Daniel Arap Moi met with Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni in a move to help break the stalemate over the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for Sudan, a step that viewed by many as the only way out of the current state in Sudan.

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