Agriculture Debut in Nigeria

Published on 4th December 2007

Agriculture is asserting its position as the traditional occupation of the Nigerian people. Prior to the discovery and consequent exploration of mineral oil in the country, the economy of the nation stood on the tripod of palm oil, cocoa and groundnut production. In the draft presentation of the Imo State Oil Palm Development Programme (ISODEP), the government of Chief Ikedi Ohakim of Imo state asserted his position as one of those who have decided to take a plunge in what comes natural to Nigeria’s land - investment in palm oil production.


SIFE Luncheon Held


The annual SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) luncheon was held on the 30th of November 2007 in Nairobi. This event brought together SIFE sponsors, friends, teams and SIFE alumni. This year’s event featured a presentation by the SIFE Kenya 2007 Champions who emerged semi-finalists at the SIFE World Cup held in New York in October. SIFE Kenya is s student’s program where students conduct educational outreach and entrepreneurship projects in communities around their universities.  


EU Africa Summit 2007


The EU Africa summit is set to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. Seven years after the first meeting of heads of state and government from the European Union and Africa, in Cairo, the II EU-Africa Summit will be held on 8 and 9 December, where representatives from the 80 countries that comprise this partnership, as well as heads of the regional institutions from both continents will be present. The Summit seeks to take into account the deep changes that affect Africa, Europe and the world during this period, by launching the basis for a long-term strategic partnership, and supplying the necessary tools for a joint work on the big global issues.


News Channel K24

The first ever Kenyan 24 hour news channel has been launched. Following the entry of the new TV station into the market, Kenyans are set to enjoy 24 hour news broadcasts. The newly launched TV station that promises to offer 24-hour news bulletin has already started its broadcasts and is getting a warm reception. The Kenyan market which is accustomed to news at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 9pm respectively will now have an opportunity to get news updates round the clock. According to the station's managing director Rose Kimotho, the new station is set to revolutionize the broadcasting industry in the country and challenge other African nations.

World HIV/AIDS Day


The 1st of December this year was marked with style and pomp across many cities in Africa. In Nairobi, participants dressed in yellow caps and t-shirts with "Pamoja Tuangamize Ukimwi", Swahili for “Together Lets Fight Aids” emblazoned across the front, they matched on the main streets before gathering at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre for the celebrations to mark the day. The disease which has been a major setback to economic development in Africa is gradually being contained in many parts of the continent.


Condoleezza in Ethiopia


United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Addis Ababa for wide-ranging talks with leaders from the Great Lakes and Horn regions of Africa on issues of regional peace and security, including the situations in Somalia and Sudan. She will be holding a Great Lakes summit, essentially a meeting of the Tripartite plus heads of states and ministers, foreign ministers and defense ministers from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo. The tension in the Horn of Africa has hindered progress in regional trade for the past three decades. 


Compiled by Antony Odeo
Odeo is a Writer of the African Executive

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