Kenya Elections: Clergy Should Face the Facts!

Published on 8th January 2008

The recent display of unity amongst religious leaders to pray for the healing of Kenya is a positive pointer that national interests are slowly overtaking individual whims. Though a welcome gesture, the unity that was beamed in all electronic media in Kenya failed to diagnose the root cause of Kenya’s unrest. Lack of diagnosis will always lead to erratic prescriptions.


It is clear that Kenyan voters are angry over the abuse of their democratic right that involved massive use of their taxes and time. They know very well that their preferred presidential candidate was denied victory and hence the frustration protests.


Praying for peace is welcome as plunder and destruction of property will only sink the nation in economic despondency. However, to pray for peace whilst failing to address the actual cause, is taking an ostrich stance. Religious leaders should come out in the open, tell the government in power that no peace will prevail as long as justice is perverted and consequently demand that the incumbent government listens to the voice of the majority.


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