Flip Yourself This Year

Published on 9th January 2008

As the New Year unfolds, turning around your appearance might just earn you the long awaited promotion, new job or business deal. Nothing is more impressive than a shift in branding yourself for the better. It gives you a boost in moods, one that the psychiatrists may not be able to explain. Once your mood is up and running, making a superb business idea will just be a snap of the thumb. Like army men who dress for anything and everything, business people also need to be sensitive when evaluating their business dress codes.

If you are in the habit of wearing your shirt twice a week, this is the time to get more shirt pieces and push your impression a notch higher. The extra dollar you spend on a new pair of socks, tie or scarf is more than enough an investment for greater returns before the year matures.

Get into a talking mood, invite and visit more friends than you did last year. Friends are very good at criticism; they will help you understand yourself better. Diversity in the character of the people you associate with will also give you a chance to explore avenues you’ve never traveled. The fashion magazines you refuse to buy for fear of an extreme personality should be an idea long overdue for the trash bins. Embrace channels you had never tried. Visit shopping malls, get to see what television actors are wearing, do not just watch the TV for the sake of a movie or a favourite soap; see the bigger picture. Is it impressive to you; does it make a business statement? Most programs are meant to advertise new fashion products into the market, the earlier you notice it the better for you. Don’t just see and stop there, if you can afford it, go ahead and acquire one, but remember, buy in shops with guarantees, some items are never well finished because of the mass production rush!

You can also talk to the lady or guy at the hairdressers, they always seem to dress better than you do, have you ever wondered why? It all boils down to embracing the roads less traveled. It you are used to shopping only on one side of the city? Try visiting the opposite side too, you might just meet the shop you always dreamt for, the one you thought is only available on a Paris street! As the old adage confirms, those who never visit other families will always believe their mum is the best chef in the world!

This year, flip and surprise yourself. Those who refuse to take risks do not live to excel. Success belongs to those who take the extreme better for their success, they access heights you never been to because of their aggressiveness.

Like a coin, fashion is a double sided affair. Your looks today may not necessarily guarantee your appearance tomorrow or the day after. Dresses get dirty and soiled, the elegant suit you had yesterday is today a piece of fabric emitting a stuffy smell – your sweat. This is why you ought to be prepared for any eventualities, though unpredictable, one always has a clue of what might just happen. Refuse ignorance and be in the know this year.

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