Image is Not about Doing Too Much

Published on 22nd January 2008

The glamorous appearances of beneficiaries in makeovers, takes everyone’s attention to the TV screen. With instant transformation of people who would otherwise struggle when it comes to dressing themselves suitably; everyone is always on the edge to see how one’s appearance is being changed from that of a country girl to a super model’s look.


A keen follow up on the makeover budget that covers make up, hair-do, the wardrobe and all the grooming that comes with it, is a figure whose value can buy a brand new car from the secondhand market. If translated into a daily lifetime investment, one cannot imagine the magnitude of ‘beauty’ that ought to be achieved. Sadly though, the results are never long lasting, because they are meant for the TV camera, and all will be over.


Good or bad, society these days focuses heavily on appearance. So many people are ‘left behind’ because they have little or no idea on what they should wear and how they should wear it. As a few of the masses continually struggle to dress ‘right’, the other lot gives up and do not care anymore, resulting in low esteem and damaged self-confidence.


However, the chunk of people in business never gives up too easily. They, traditionally fight on. They visit the ‘best shop in town,’ the latest malls, the lifestyle boutique on the fifth-avenue and so on. Never will you meet one of them on the backstreets. Because for them, expensive is fashionable and cheap is imageless. It is no wonder many will not buy anything away from the couture houses whose price tags cover a dozen’s costs elsewhere. Huge amounts are spent, but the ‘dream image’ never seems forthcoming.


Like assimilation, the quest for building your image is pegged to acquiring other habits and attitudes but still maintaining your core values and identity. By this, one is able to reach out and dress like someone else but in a unique and more creative manner. If you admire a colleague in checked shirts, why not buy a similar shirt but with smaller or larger checks or better still, different color, or have a short sleeved one instead. The variety is limitless!


The first thing to do is recognize that your body is your own, no matter what shape, size, or color it comes in. Appearance is not an item that can easily be bought from the shelves by paying a few coins or swiping a smart card. It is more than just what goes under a barcode reader. Appearance is a lifestyle, you either live it or you don’t.


You do not need a makeover to achieve that exemplary image; it’s a matter of making slight alterations to your style and perception of who you are. Your attitude has a direct and powerful effect on how others perceive you. Eventually, the successes you achieve in business and in your private life will all depend on you!

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