Nigeria’s Bourse Upbeat

Published on 30th January 2008

The Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) is looking forward to an advancement of its trading operations from the traditional floor trading to remote trading. The Director-General of the bourse Professor (Mrs.) Ndi-Okereke Onyiuke said that the recent advancements in information technology infrastructures have made it possible for trading to be done remotely. “Despite the opening of new branches of the trading floors in different parts of the country, we intend to leave the trading floors for another five years and observe developments in the market”, she added. The NSE has recorded significant improvement in the market indices over the past year, especially in the area of turnover volume and value.


African Fans Party


If the appearances, pomp and colour that has marred the 26th edition of the Africa cup of nations is anything to go by, Africans football fans can as well be rated as the most enthusiastic. They have literally managed to shift the media’s attention from the pitch to the ramps. Word has it that most of them who traveled from the West African countries have been trying to out-do one another in displays of creativity and patriotism, they highlight the richness of their national cultures and turn Africa’s biggest sporting event into a gigantic party.


Amazing Kenya’s Hope


Although the count on job losses is on the rise, depletion of capital base is evident and food insecurity looms, the economic standard of Kenya may just be experiencing a test to its resilience. Kenyans are not only a hardworking lot, but they can also sustain the country’s resilient economy which has managed to come through tough times before. Renewed hope is drawn from the willingness of investors to go ahead with investing in the East African nation. Ecobank has expressed its interest to take up 75 per cent of EABS, one of the country's most solid banks. Kenya is under threat from civil strife sparked off by the outcome of the 2007 General Election. Investors hope that all will be well soon.


Douala to Host Satelite


Cameroon is set to put up a major network operations centre in Douala. The network is a project of the Regional African Satellite Communication Organization, RASCOM. The Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Maigari Bello Buba, signed an agreement to the terms of access to the network on behalf of the Cameroon Government, while the Director-General of RASCOM, Dr. Jones Killimbe, signed for his organization. The ICT equipment will serve the entire continent by virtue of the organization’s mission to incorporate Africa into the Global Village. According to Killimbe, the essence of this Information and Communication Technology, ICT, project, is to achieve broadcasting and rural integration, communication between different countries, and to foster interconnectivity among African countries. He added that the communication spacecraft has been designed uniquely to create access to rural communities.


The World Economic Forum on Africa 2008


This year’s WEF on Africa 2008 will be held in June Cape Town, South Africa. Sustained growth has continued to lay the foundations for a genuine paradigm shift in Africa. The World Economic Forum on Africa in 2008 is expected to explore how the continent’s leaders can ensure that this trend continues and leads to positive change. To address these issues and building on opportunities arising from continued growth, emerging partnerships, burgeoning South-South linkages as well as groundbreaking technology innovations, the meeting will generate critical insight and identify those priorities for action that will have a lasting impact on Africa's bright future.

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