1st US – Africa Tourism and Sports Seminar

Published on 12th February 2008

The inaugural Africa Tourism and Sports seminar will be held in New York from Feb 21. The more than 200 private and public sector leaders from the U.S.A, Africa and beyond will meet in New York to discuss investment opportunities in the fast-growing tourism industry in Africa. The event co-sponsored by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) and Africa Travel Association (ATA) will be held under the title “Making Africa the World’s Next Premiere Travel Destination”. Behind this initiative is a forecast that Africa is expected to continue to grow at a high level in international tourism.


Flower Farmers Avert Fears


Despite the recent interferences of supplies and transport in Kenya, flower growers say they will meet the commodity’s demand during the February to March annual sales boom.  The global flower market, which is defined by two dates - Valentine's Day on February 14 and Mothers Day in March, relies heavily on major producers like Kenya. This is the season when most blooms and bouquets are bought accounting for 40 per cent of the industry's annual sales.


Solar Powered Computer on Sale


An IT firm in Kenya will soon launch the sale of fully solar or direct current battery powered computer. The set, which runs at 18 watts, comes with an LCD monitor, USB keyboard and optical mouse. The desktop can operate from any source of 12 Volts Direct Current. The machine is expected to revolutionize the rural communities in Kenya and the East African region that do not have access to electricity. 


Burundi Ripe For Investment


Burundi is in the process of changing its investment code to make doing business easy and favourable for foreign investors. “We are ready to facilitate any foreign investors who come here,” Burundi's Second Vice President in charge of the economy, Mr. Gabriel Ntisezerana said. “Our country is ripe for business, investors and tourists since insecurity has been dealt with. He cited investment business opportunities in mining, floriculture, tourism, insurance, tea and coffee.


Reliance Financial Services Boosts Gambia


Reliance Financial Services has been applauded by Ousman Sonko, Interior secretary of state, for taking banking services to the doorstep of all Gambians through its Kiosks and branches established in all corners of the country. According to Secretary of State Sonko, Reliance Financial Services has fulfilled all their pledges it made 13 months ago. Banking services are increasingly becoming on high demand in the recent past in Africa.


Cup of Nations Does us Proud


The African Cup of Nations proved yet again that Africa has top quality football and the best fan’s drama. At some point, the fans could even watch matches half naked to show their ‘contagious’ support for their teams. The competition, which ended with Egypt beating Cameroon 1-0 in the final, had hosts Ghana’s economy receive a boost in its infrastructure and accommodation industry.

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