IQ Not the Only Measure for Intelligence

Published on 4th October 2005

Oh Africa! Some people say that you ought to be reconquered afresh by the white man, partly because you have failed.  It is said that your leaders and their governance amount to a total disaster that is steadily worsening! It is argued that if there is anything left in you that is still working, it was built by the colonialists and is still being serviced by them behind the scenes. This is because you have a low Intelligent Quotient (IQ)!


The average IQ for sub-Saharan Africa is 70, the lowest globally. Afro-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans exhibit a varied white genetic loading which raises the average in both cases to 85.  Specifically, various African countries’ IQ is as follows:  Congo (Zaire) – 68;Congo (Brazzaville) - 73; Ethiopia - 67; Ghana – 62; Nigeria – 69; Sierra Leone – 67; South Africa – 72; Sudan – 72; Tanzania – 74; Uganda – 73; Zambia – 75; Zimbabwe – 70; and Egypt – 83. In comparison IQ for more developed countries is: Thailand – 91; Japan - 110; China – 98; Malaysia – 92; South Korea – 106; Singapore – 103; Cuba – 85; India – 82; Israel – 90; Mexico – 88; Philippines – 86. The IQ mainly for whites is:  Australia – 99; Belgium – 99;Canada – 97; Czech Republic – 99; Germany – 103;Ireland – 87; France – 97; Finland – 98;Italy – 103; Netherlands – 100; New Zealand – 101; Poland – 92;Romania –94; Spain – 96; Switzerland – 101; U.K. – 100; and U.S. – 98.


Whereas it is true that some individuals are smarter than others, IQ tests should not be used to explain Africa’s problems. IQ is not the only measure of great culture and civilization. Honing in on superiority just through IQ produces flaws. The Japanese for example have high IQ, but they killed each other in tribal wars for centuries until the west industrialized that country. Even in World War II they thought the emperor was a god. There are thousands of people with an IQ of 130 who worship rats in India. IQ test is really not reliable and accurate when it comes to generalizing the entire populace. It is wrong to measure Africa’s IQ based on set standardized tests generated from western civilization. People with PhD\'s may not understand the inner workings of their car but their mechanics who don\'t have PhD\'s know. Intelligence is far more complex than a mere IQ test.


Indeed, IQ is one measure of a person. Emotional Quotient (EQ), low-latent inhibition (creativity) and morality are other factors that are just as important. Of course physical bodies (for example beauty and strength) is another factor. Combining emotional intelligence (EQ) with academic intelligence (IQ) and creativity among other factors is the essential key to explaining peoples’ development of creativity, knowledge, health, culture and civilization.


It is wrong to outrightly blame Africa for low IQ when in actual fact the continent does well in a wide range of areas such as sports; music; arts; literature; and religion. Africa is the most diversified in culture, language, music, and governmental systems. Africans had working democratic systems instituted long before contact with Europeans, and lived in harmony with nature, wildlife and with mini-scale conflicts compared with bloodstained conquering mania European history.


If the Western IQ is high as purported by some schools of thought, why is the Western civilization endangering plant and animal species? Why is it causing great damage to the environment? Isn’t it the mother of a great number of conflicts, genocide, extermination of races and large-scale wars ever seen? Hasn’t it created inconceivably destructive weapons that can destroy not just human beings but the entire world several times over? If high IQ is making use of religion, fear, social programming, propaganda, and the media to support oppression, double-standards and exploitation, then the West has high IQ.


IQ is not just about invention of cars, computers, and weapons of mass destruction, but creating of a fair and harmonious world to live in. Obliviously, Africa’s problems go beyond mere IQ. The critical question we need to ask ourselves is: why is Africa such a failure? Wouldn\'t it be better to solve the known problems once and for all? It\'s interesting that African immigrants to the US are very high on the achievement scale. Should we not investigate how best to do it? Africa cannot be allowed to sink. No amount of Western interference is going to make a bright future for Africans regardless of how well intentioned it may be. The best thing is for Africa to be left on its own to either grow up or remain stunted.


Africans must reinforce victory and starve defeat. Who said Africa cannot produce its car- The Africar? With utter destruction of social, governmental, educational, cultural, and commercial structures of Africa through colonialism, the way forward is repairing them.


Necessity is the mother of invention, thus Africa should borrow a leaf from Japan.  The Japanese provided many lessons for white nationalists- the most general of which was their focus and emphasis on self-improvement. When they were suddenly faced with a problem in the form of a rapidly modernizing world, they did not fear reality and deny their shortcomings but took responsibility to correct those problems squarely on their own shoulders, rapidly breaking out of a medieval feudal society into a modern industrial power. As is the spirit of Jujitsu, they did not simply oppose the problem head on, but worked around it and made the modern world work for them rather than becoming a colony of that modern world. The central obstacle the Japanese had to overcome was a very feudalistic society. Their caste system was so rigid it didn\'t lend itself well to advancement. The Meiji-era led to the caste system being reformed and becoming more suitable for becoming a modern-day nation.


Oh Africa! You must decisively address your awful failure resulting from the current political orthodoxy and external manipulation. Meanwhile, shall you not stir when people hurl all manner of blame on you?




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