Woolworths Nominated

Published on 4th March 2008

South Africa’s leading retailer Woolworths has been nominated for the coveted World Retail Awards. The only nominee from Africa is listed alongside five other leading retailers under the ‘Responsible Retailer of The Year’ category. The award winner will be announced on April 10th in Barcelona.  The company, which recorded $2.5 billion revenue in 2007, says that social responsibility has been a core value throughout its 75 year history. "Woolworths is delighted to be short-listed. This recognizes that our Good Business Journey is a timely and correct strategy," said Woolworths CEO Simon Susman. UK’s Mark’s n Spencer won the award last year.

Namibia Goes Nuclear

Namibia’s government has opted for nuclear power generation and has approved the construction of nuclear power stations. Despite environmental dangers such as long-term radiation from nuclear waste for over 200 000 years, cabinet granted approval to the Ministry of Mines and Energy to develop a Nuclear Regulatory Framework and to pursue the nuclear power. “The decision will provide for a long-term solution to the shortfall in electricity generation capacity and to enable the vast uranium resources of the country to be processed to the benefit of the country,” the Cabinet paper states. Before building a nuclear power stations, the country requires a nuclear regulatory framework to be developed in conjunction with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Botswana Scores High

The authoritative Annual Survey of Mining Companies conducted by the Fraser Institute has ranked Botswana eleventh in the world for its sound mining policy. Botswana's overall score was the highest ever for an African nation. The survey represents the opinions of 372 mining executives and managers from all over the world on the policy and mineral endowment.

Dakar to Host Islamic Conference

More than 5,000 guests including several heads of state and are expected in Dakar as Senegal hosts the 11th summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The theme of the conference is: “The challenges of the Ummah (Muslim community) in the 21st century”. The OIC is the second largest inter governmental organization in the world, and 26 of its 57 member states are in Africa. The summit, scheduled to begin March 14, will be an opportunity to layout a new charter for better cooperation among member states. Member states will explore ways to redefine traditional solidarity in forging economic partnerships, for example by removing tariffs and trade barriers for an Islamic common market.

It’s Thumbs up for Annan

Former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan has earned himself a place in every Kenyan’s heart. Annan’s insistent and persistent diplomacy paid off in solving the conflict that was threatening tear apart the country into ‘tribal-sub states’. He received a host of appreciation messages and gifts including a white cockerel. The solved crisis has emerged as an example of an African problem solved by an African conflict resolution initiative of the African Union. The Kenyan solution could be studied and used as a template for other trouble spots in the continent.

Marketing Tourism Online

Google has announced its intension to promote Tourism in Africa through online marketing. The move has been received with joy amid tough times facing the induatry in the continent. For countries like Kenya whose tourism industry was hard hit during the past political crisis, the initiative means a great deal to them. Google announced the plan at the Business Tourism Conference, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Conference delegates were given Vouchers worth $100 each allowing them the opportunity to place an advertisement on the Internet via the Google search engine.

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