Why are African Systems Backfiring?

Published on 11th October 2005

National development plans, conceived by foreign experts and consultants, have not worked. Neither “Health for All” nor “Self Sufficiency in Food” has been achieved. It was thought that the structural adjustment programs, which originated from abroad would allow the peripheral, blocked and disconnected economies of Africa to take off. The results were clear and indeed terrible: multiple social-economic crises, rising unemployment, uncontrollable inflation and growing debt burden. There have been too many political and economic errors for over forty years. There must be a serious explanation to this. The African has assigned others the capacity to think and analyse.

Why is Africa still grappling with chronic hunger and limping systems? Can faith bring development? What are the drivers for investment in the third world? Does the West offer any lessons for Africa? Can anything good come out of Zimbabwe?

No matter what we say, it is important to realise that a developed and satisfied Africa can come about only through a well mapped out, conscientious, owned and responsible vision. Read on.


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