Tanzania: Who Killed Daudi Ballali?

Published on 27th May 2008

The Late Daudi Balali
Daudi Ballali, former Tanzanian Central Bank governor who died in Boston recently, took with him big secrets.He will go down in history books as the most corrupt governor that sank Tanzania into penury, thanks to the soft stance by the authorities on corruption perpetrated by the biggies.

Although reports from Tanzania's embassy in Washington point to the fact that Ballali succumbed to blood cancer, those that know how mafia systems operate are not shocked by his death. Why should they bother about a sacrificial lamb when lions like Sokoine and Kolimba were felled but no explanations were given to this effect?

Controversial as he was, Ballali liked fame.He was consequently willingly manipulated by traitors to do their dirty laundry. Ballali was like chattel ready to die for his putrid master. He was but a second rubber stamp of corruption after the one that created him.He was used till his death. One African proverb states that one who creates the skull is the one that smashes it.  Likewise those that cloned Ballali have destroyed him.

For those implicated in scams like EPA and Richmond (among others)that involve billions of shillings, the death of Ballali brings relief as it sets them off the hook.

I remember the head of the presidential press, Salva Rweyemamu, saying that if the government wanted Ballali, it would easily get him. Now, could it have finally gotten him? Did his assertion that Ballali was a private citizen entitled to living anywhere mean that Ballali would secure an abode even in the grave?

Nonetheless, like any other bin-Adam, Ballali had his good side. He was a good employer to the children of the high and mighty. Of late, Tanzania’s media has unveiled such big names whose children were on Ballali’s payroll. Mentioned were Benjamin Mkapa, Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Edward Lowassa, Joseph Mungai, Omar Mahita, Abdallah Kigoda, Philemon Luhanjo and many such. To these, Ballali was an honest servant per excellence. How would he fall short of being if at all he died a custodian of stinking and damning secrets?

Although Ballali was corrupt, the government was supposed to protect him. But who remembers the shirt or shoe after stepping out of it? Like a spoon, Ballali helped big unthankful stomachs to scoop food. Who remembers the plate after he’s done? Why should he whilst he can purchase a new one?

Ballali has been felled.  Who will seek to know if he died a natural or nurtured death? Ballali, fare thee well! My condolences to Benjamin Mkapa that hired and used him, Jakaya Kikwete who also used him, Edward Lowassa who master-minded the scams, Andrew Chenge, Andy Chande, Rostom  Aziz (all implicated)  and other players in this gimmick.  The wisdom of today is, ‘truth is incontrovertible no matter what.’

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