Old Is Gold After All!

Published on 27th May 2008

Are our fashion gurus running out of ideas? The much acclaimed fashion clothes designers of the world today have gone back to designing replicas of the 70’s and 80’s. To make them relevant, well known fashion models, musicians and movie stars have been used to sell these designs.

Clothes and shoe designs are fast losing originality.Talk of leggings, zipper-leg, and pegged jeans- they are back in shopping malls. The long and lean was the look for the lower body twenty-something years ago. It is now back with a bang!

Looking  at family photos, you  can laugh your heart out when you see what attire your parents wore as trendy. You wonder how the men of those days found their women attractive in those kinds of clothes. Well, the answer is clear: what is seen as trendy today is what our fathers saw as sexy back then.

Other designs of stone-washed jeans, torn jeans, flat court shoes and net/mesh tops are also in the stores. The stone washed and torn jeans have acquired the name ‘ragged’ in the wake of trying to rhyme with what is in vogue. The tights are a favorite of colored t-shirts (with shoulder pads) and leather belts of all colors. The belts are worn just below the bust and slightly above the lower belly to accentuate the feminine shape- the famous ‘figure 8.'

Are our fashion gurus running out of ideas? They seem to go back to the old. They combine the past designs with the present. All they need to do to sell it is get celebrities wearing them on the red carpet at the Oscars and boom! They become the fresh must-haves.

At this rate, please don't throw away your clothes once you are done with them. Your sons and daughters might find them alluring some day. Choose carefully what you buy. Invest in attire that can be worn for three seasons in a row.

Keep what you have.  It could turn out to be gold soon!

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