Is Education Underdeveloping Africa?

Published on 18th October 2005

One of the ways to continue to enslave a people is, after removing one set of chains from their body, to place another set of chains on their mind. When this is done, it doesn’t need any prison walls to confine these people. The prison walls inside their mind will be more binding than any prison walls that can be constructed.

Professor Ivan Van Sertima says that Africa has been locked into a \"five hundred year room\" of history, a room in which African people and their contributions to the world were removed from history. Can education pull Africa out of this five hundred year room? We have to understand what was wrong with our education and forge a way forward.

What responsibility do African scholars owe the African continent? What challenges are they grappling with? Is the Consensus document crafted by the academia, think tanks, policy makers, diplomats and activists the key to Sudan’s peace?

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