MOI University SIFE Team Makes History

Published on 18th October 2005

Moi University, the 2005 SIFE Kenya Champions represented Kenya at the 2005 SIFE World Cup in Toronto Canada – October 5-7, where they competed with more than 45 National Champions from all over the world. More than 1500 people attended the 3 day event which took place in the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre located in the heart of downtown Toronto, a city brewing with culture and entertainment. The event was hosted by SIFE Global office in conjunction with KPMG Canada.  Top SIFE teams in the world presented the results of their outreach projects to determine which teams made the most impact on their communities. Kenya was represented in this event by Moi University SIFE (MU-SIFE) team. MU SIFE team made history as the first SIFE Kenya team to advance to the Semi-Finals where they competed against U.S.A, Russia, and United Kingdom. A total of 11 African countries participated in this event which saw four teams advancing to the semi-finals. Africa was represented by University of Zimbabwe and Kaduna Polytechnic-Nigeria at the finals. University of Zimbabwe emerged the SIFE 2005 World Cup Champions making history as the first African country to win the Championship.

Moi University SIFE team was launched on 13th April 2004. During the last SIFE academic year MU-SIFE team was involved in the following notable projects. Blooming Falls; that taught small scale farmers commercial vegetable production, Fertile attraction; that taught farmers how to make cheap fertilizer, Biashara Nawiri; that equipped Small And Medium Enterprise (SME) owners with entrepreneurial skills and their initiative of  turning Kesses Dam into a recreational center. The team is also worked with the Bindura children’s home empowering the children with entrepreneurial skills that would make them financially independent among others. Moi University SIFE is also remembered for having raised Kshs 65,000 towards the famine relief efforts through The Standard-KTN appeal last year.

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