Zimbabwe: No! to Government of National Unity

Published on 1st July 2008

Robert Mugabe is now in Cairo, having defied all criticism, almost to the point of spiteful arrogance, daring to present himself to the world as the 'new' president of a country that is desperate just to crawl  even on its knees. Each and every sensible human order has condemned his one-man comedy. His own colleagues in SADC have disowned him. I predict there will be a few muffled protests from his continental colleagues, then a deafening silence.


Back in the streets of Harare, citizens are engulfed with a strange feeling of disgust, shock, anxiety and a glimmer of hope. Hope that the super structures of world bureaucracy will finally unleash their own blend of venom on a monster which refuses to die, literary, to save a nation cowed into submission and despair by a man whose confidence comes from AK 47s, fighter planes and a submissive police force. Zimbabweans are exposed, completely vulnerable now. If the SADC, AU and the UN does not tighten the screws on Mugabe, it is impossible for the citizens of this Southern African nation to ever have confidence in world bureaucracy.


But to even fathom a scenario where Mugabe presides over a transitional authority is hard to swallow, what with the phantoms of one hundred dead bodies handing over his party's, if they have any, conscience. Saints do not share the high table with criminals, at least in  the world of justice.  The people have suffered for too long and political compromises are not the best way of pacifying them. No!  Neither is retribution, the art of survival that Mugabe has mastered.  Zimbabweans want a new start, a clean slate where men and women with pure hearts, citizens of unquestionable integrity, negotiate in good faith. Mugabe and his cronies are hiding blood-stained serviettes under neath the high table.  They have disgraced themselves in the courtyard of public opinion. Their constituency is coercion, force, abduction, arson, greed, plunder, murder and rape. Our constituency is dignity, respect, honour, courage and resilience. There cannot be national unity with agents of disunity.


They have drunk from the cup of shame, lust and cruelty. Their passion is for survival, our is for existence. They are driven by a desire for conquest and domination, motivated by a compulsive urge for pagan extermination of those who despise their feudal mindset. Tell me, how do we unite with them? We have nothing in common.  They are citizens of purgatory, vampires of the night who appreciate life through a single colour prism - red. Blood of the innocent! We are direct opposites. They conspire to destroy, we conspire to build. Their emotions are a negative force intent on revenge, retribution, reprisals and punishment. It is too late, much too late for unity.


What Zimbabweans need, urgently, are the extremes of world diplomacy, key operating words like exclusion, blockade, intervention, de-legitimisation, quarantine and transition. If SADC, AU and UN cannot offer that, we the people must trigger a domino phenomenon that once, in our history, can render the entire system of governance dysfunctional. The tortoise phenomenon. Retraction.  Active silence.

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