Spotlight on Africa

Published on 1st November 2005

The political violence currently sweeping East Africa is bad news for business. Kenya is in the middle of chaotic campaigns for a new constitution that seems to be tearing the country apart instead of uniting them. Local development experts are predicting a 5% economic growth despite the political chaos. In Zanzibar, Tanzania, the government is brutalizing the opposition groups for supporting their leaders. Back in Kenya, international experts are pushing for the exclusion of local Maasai direct ownership of the Amboseli National Park. It will be \'catastrophic\' they argue. In Eastern Kenya, ravaged by famine, Ukambani people are finally agitating for self driven approaches to solving the perennial famine problem. Africa\'s image abroad is fuelled by such issues that keep erupting in this continent, but pray, what is the best way to ensure that politics becomes less lucrative and creation of wealth more attractive? African business people must be confident and push their sector beyond narrow goals. We always appreciate feed back.

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