Stop Internet Terrorism!

Published on 15th November 2005

We condemn in the strongest terms internet \'terrorism\' targeting The African Executive. Our objective to facilitate an African Voice in the Development Arena has for the last couple of weeks had to wrestle with all manner of attacks from malicious characters who still wallow in the make believe world that its not in the Africans province to think and determine their own destiny. It will be fair for such people to simply mail us their views for purposes of debate as opposed to making attempts to shut us down. As it is increasingly becoming clear to the World, the African problem has been partly due to \'middle men\' who purport to know everything about Africa, such middle men act as a linkage between the wealth nations and poor Africa. Every time they write or open their mouths, its hopelessness they spew out; but thanks to increased global connectivity, the hobbies of these people is in its sunset time. We at the African Executive are proud to be part of the new developments linking Africa to real issues and the future. Stop \'internet\' terrorism and let us reason together!


Join us in this week’s edition as we explore whether oil has brought wealth or is it a curse in Nigeria. Is Business fighting poverty in Ukambani? How can a government reduce hyperinflation? Is COMESA creating more wealth for Africa? Read on.

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