Africans Can Change their Destiny

Published on 1st December 2008
Africans have to determine their own fate as Africa is capable of sustaining itself. The relationship between Africa and the West does not benefit Africans. For example, we had slavery, colonialism and now neo-colonialism and Western conspiracy which is the problem of Africa. Without abolishing these two menaces from our motherland Africa, nothing will change.

The world seems to be blind to the true reality of the basic nature of Africans. Our current dilemma and confusion was deliberately and systematically imposed upon us over the past few centuries. Any system of government in Africa that is not based on empowerment of her people will never succeed in creating the mindset that Africans need in order to foster prosperity and independence.

The African Hand Should Carry Africa
Also, the solution for Africans lies deeply embedded within our psyche and will remain there until the burden of our adopted Western mentality has been lifted off our shoulders by our own innate spiritual development that surfaces from time to time in the abbreviated lives of exemplary Africans. The rulers of this world are not willing to allow us to arise and develop in our own innovative way.
If there is anything that can be done to deal with the African problems, it is to do away with relations with people who only have their interests and nothing more. Africa has enough resources to sustain herself for example, Minerals, oil and water, amongst others. Africans have to speak with one voice on African issues and not on Western platforms. Suitable and sustainable solutions can be found for Africa if they are designed and implemented by Africans. The international community should avoid prescribing a solution based on their foreign culture, economic power and political inclination.
The world should stop viewing Africa as one country. The African continent comprises of different nations and just because we are Africans does not mean we all have the same history and philosophy in life. Africa is more diverse than Europe.Such issues as keeping colonial boundaries and self determination as a basic Human right must be resolved.
There can be no meaningful progress in Africa till we have visionary leaders who respect humanity and love of country. We must change our unproductive attitudes and begin to see the big picture by exploiting and evenly distributing the resources we have.The continent has abundant resources which unfortunately she is being stripped of. No one should give us crumbs that fall off their table, which only encourages us to sit and beg, instead of taking our place at the table.
African governments should attempt to solve their own problems and put policies in place to solve future problems. It seems the leaders' greed and corruption always stand in the way of governing their countries and they need to be guided in doing the right thing rather than being spoon-fed by the West! African leaders should work towards empowering their people to create wealth.

Reforms to improve governance are essential, both for sustainable economic growth, and political stability. The bottom line of good governance is democracy. It is not our role to decide who governs any country, but we will use our influence to encourage governments to let their people make that decision for themselves.

Africa needs access to European Union agricultural and other protected markets by scrapping the Common Agricultural Policy. Given complete freedom from intellectual property rights laws for products sold within their own borders (for a limited period), canceling of Africa's debts, allowing economic migrants from African countries and stopping arms sales are the only ways to revive the continent. Once all this is done, Africa will fully develop in few years and be self sustaining to the envy of the West and East.

By Joseph Mutuku Ngemu
Bsc. (statistics & computer science) honours, PGD.
Lecturer, W.T.T.I, Kenya.

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