Africa: What’s the Way Forward?

Published on 22nd November 2005

In this issue, pertinent questions are raised. Is the realization by the leaders of the East African Community that greater economic and political integration with less sovereignty of the current nation states is the route to go, a logical step towards the structural survival of Africa? Will the impending WTO meeting in Hong Kong bury once and for all the issue of trade protectionism?

While one writer argues that there is need to hold occasional talks on African values to correct many a historical wrong in Africa’s development process, another analyses the role of Internet communication in the fight against terrorism.

Join us in the agricultural voyage as the role of research in food sufficiency is explored and as a field assistant in the semi arid East narrates his ordeals.

Variation is a primary fact of nature. The genius of the liberal philosophy is that it recognizes these differences and insists that the State be only an instrument to protect these natural, variable conditions. After the Kenya referendum results, will Kenyans agree to disagree?

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