US Cooperation: The Best Festive Season Gift

Published on 8th December 2008

A former US military prosecutor from Guantanamo Bay tells BBC's Gordon Corera why he resigned. As we in America preach our virtues in superlative words and terms, it is often sad when we are caught in the lowest of human engagement. Granted we may be provoked, should we, considering the virtues we preach and hoist, descend to low levels to make our point? Such positions soil America's stand in the world, and as many in the world are getting wiser, they are getting more emboldened and defiant, wanting to stand up to the 'Master'.

How can a country we all look up to as the beacon of hope and decency, be involved in some of the most outrageous conducts all in the name of promoting democracy and capitalism?

If one never lived in America, one has this image of heaven on earth. But venture in, one is reminded that all that glitters is not gold. No matter what we hoist before others to believe as our values, our conscience reminds us that a wicked deed is repaid back somehow. Treat others as one expects to be treated, is a GOLDEN RULE.

I just wish that the 'White Man' who has had the undue advantage of having shaped the world, pulls back a little, becomes more inclusive, tolerant and recognizes that in the world, many are emboldened to defy his wish. The way to address ill treatment is to extend goodwill. The 'White Man's' Burden must devolve to others as he alone does not have the answers. When wrong, he should admit the error and seek amends. If this attitude is not promoted and encouraged, the world will continuously be a dangerous place.

Live and let live demands we accord others due respect and goodwill. No one should dictate to others how to live. But if they elect to do so, should seek means to deliver their message without a sense of 'God's Gift to Humanity' and 'Mine is Right' mentality. Even the poorest has dignity and if the dignity of man is tampered with, all bets are off. A lesson we always learn the hard way.

May we use this season of happiness and friendships extend arms of love, care and concern to others not so fortunate, and also reduce tramping on others who we think are not fortunate. The answers to the world’s challenges do not lie in the hands of westerners. We all know something and it is beneficial to reach out and touch so that we lend support collectively and effectively.

This is no Animal Farm. It is a Human Farm. And no one should ascribe to themselves the sense of superiority or Holier than Thou: We are all sinners.

Thank God for America but sometimes I wonder; Why some of the conducts?

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