The Poor: Can Kenyan Leaders Emulate Obama?

Published on 8th December 2008
Imagine America’s president elect Barrack Obama giving out food to the needy during thanks giving! Yes so many people in Kenya can’t afford food yet our leaders from the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Assistant Ministers, Members of Parliament, Judges and even councilors have now joined the band wagon of not remitting their income taxes like the rest of us. Imagine the "Honourable"  ("Horrible" is the right word) Minister publicly telling the world that he does not know where our taxes go, yet it goes right to his very own pockets, imagine!!! Kenya is very ripe for a socio-political revolution. Time will tell when and how it will come. 
Obama with former Kenya's legislator
According to Yahoo news - President-elect Barrack Obama and his wife took their daughters to work at a food bank on the day before Thanksgiving, saying they wanted to show the girls the meaning of the holiday, especially when so many people are struggling. Ten-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha joined their parents to shake hands and give holiday wishes to hundreds of people who had lined up for hours at the food bank on Chicago’s south side.
Sasha wore a pink stocking hat over her pigtails and Malia had on a purple striped hat as the family handed out wrapped chicken to the needy in the chilly outdoor courtyard. Those seeking food on Wednesday at St. Columbus also received boxes with potatoes, oranges, fresh bread, peanut butter, canned goods, oatmeal, spaghetti and coffee.
The president-elect, dressed casually in a leather jacket, black scarf and khaki pants, was in a jovial mood, calling out "happy thanksgiving" and telling everyone "you can call me Barack." He told reporters that he wants the girls "to learn how fortunate they are, and to make sure they're giving back."  The soon-to-be First Lady said that the Obamas wanted to give their children "an understanding of what giving and Thanksgiving is all about."
The Obama family's activities in the courtyard quickly drew the attention of schoolchildren whose windows overlooked the courtyard. They put up a sign against the glass that read: "We love our prez" and screamed when the president-elect waved to them.

 Obama then turned to his wife and suggested they go visit the kids. Secret Service agents, looking surprised, disappeared inside the building to accommodate his request.  Minutes later, hundreds of children were brought down to the school auditorium, and Obama loped onstage as they screamed and cheered.
"I just wanted to come by and wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving," he said. He then asked the children what they would be eating for Thanksgiving dinner.
So let’s recap. He took his kids to work in the cold…? Instead of getting someone to line up and dish the gifts? Instead of telling them: "You are kids of a Very Important Person, hence there are certain things you should never do,"  he took them out and led them through the art of sharing with the needy.
Whilst in Kenya Members of Parliament are still having their fat un-taxed perks and  maize meal is costing so much, I am surprised that no MP has so far suggested that Kenyans should eat cake if they can’t afford ugali (maize meal). Whilst an MP here was captured on camera demanding that a school Headmistress ('Principal' if you like fancy titles) call him "Honourable!" I don't know what other differences you can pick out from that story... but let me go take Anti-Depressants.

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