Bob Mugabe; You’re Dead Right

Published on 28th December 2008

Robert Gabriel Mugabe has never run out of controversy. After Botswana’s minister for foreign affairs, Phandu Skelemani; Kenyan PM, Raila Odinga and retired archbishop, Desmond Tutu suggested that African countries send an army to bring down his regime; Mugabe ridiculed the African Union and all African potentates. He knows them too well so as to sing kumbaya!


“How could African leaders ever topple Robert Mugabe, organise an army to come? It is not easy," Mugabe said. “I do not know of any African country that is brave enough to do that," he continued.


Mubabe is very right. Name one African ruler that has guts and bravery to take on Mugabe and  I’ll stop writing and find another job. We, in Africa have, but charlatans and hypocrites that are in power to steal from the paupers.


Look at them with their long motorcades and aimless foreign trips. They are more notorious than the former British Governors. They steal more money than colonial masters. During colonial times, people were able to eat and dress themselves at least. Currently, in Kenya, food has become another tool for revolution. Whilst Kenyans are spending a day chasing sembe (maize meal), the MPs do not want to pay tax! In Tanzania, whilst the common man has nothing to eat, the rulers are buying oil guzzlers and stealing billions of shillings from the central bank. Refer to EPA and Richmond scandals to mention a few. How can such people accuse Mugabe if they deserve to be toppled by the wananchi they’re terrorizing?


I know Mugabe. Though he is weak, he knows: African rulers are weaker than him. If he is a killer, most of them have killed many more than he is currently killing thanks to mega embezzlement and king-size style of living. These Pharisees are loading  heavy burdens on the citizenry whilst they walk free.


True, our rulers know too well that shall they squeeze Mugabe, he’ll challenge them to put their houses in order.


Many people thought, though wrongly, that the ouster of Thabo Mbeki (Mugabe’s godfather) would usher in a new force that would topple Mugabe. But they are dead wrong. The current power struggles going on in South Africa will not enable anybody that becomes president to take on Mugabe.The minefields are out in the open in South Africa where the ANC is battling with a newly found pro-Mbeki COPE. Comrade Jacob Zuma whom we thought would use his country’s economic muscle to force Mugabe out  is taking the way of other African parasites.


Botswana has what it takes when it comes to booting Mugabe but as a small country, it will never risk this. Other impostors that condemn Mugabe openly and apologize to him behind the scene will bloat whatever move Botswana will take.


MDC should go back to the drawing board and enlighten the mass to turn against the vampire. Morgan Tsvangirai’s oft-meetings with AU chairman Jakaya Kikwete are but waste of time and delivering himself to the trap. If Kikwete and his AU were serious, they’d first respond to Mugabe’s assertion and make sure they set conditions for him to vacate presidency. The African parasites have never asked him if MDC is the party of white fellas.


Botswana's Festus Mogae has called for fresh elections. Will this make sense if Mugabe will rig it as he has always done? Kenya's PM,Raila Odinga wants African governments to oust Mugabe. Will his boss, President Mwai Kibaki, who is in power (thanks to rigging) consent to this radical take? Senegal's president, Abdoulaye Wade says Mugabe should give up power. Does he think we have forgotten how he recently tampered with the constitution to elongate his tenure in office from five to seven years? How can Mugabe give up power easily whilst he himself is tying his grip on it?


Zambia's late president Levy Mwanawasa called the region's silence over election violence "scandalous."Zambia and Botswana have a good record save that they are alone.


The chairman of AU, President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania openly opposed the idea of toppling Mugabe from the outset. Southern African Development Community (SADC) maintains that power-sharing is the only solution knowing that this is impossible. South Africa, the regional powerhouse, backs SADC. Due to what is going on in South Africa, nobody can blame Kgalema Mothlante.


The African Union says that  a unity cabinet is the only way forward. Is this possible under the current stalemate? Nigeria's foreign minister says he shares "moral outrage" about Zimbabwe, but backs dialogue. Which dialogue if  Mugabe has sealed all ears?


In a nutshell, this is but a desperate and rotten Africa the international community wrongly thinks can solve Zimbabwe’s problems. African rulers are part of Zimbabwe’s problem. Refer to kings in Uganda, Libya, Gabon, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan. They have been in power over ten years just like Mugabe.

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