F.W.de Klerk: Africa's Unsung Hero?

Published on 5th January 2009

Considering that former South African president F.W. de Klerk is the same age as John McCain and that the election of a member of America's Black minority to the White House has transformed the United States and revitalised the world, couldn’t the case the dramatic return to power of a Nobel Prize-winning member of South Africa's white minority -and the last white man to rule South Africa before the collapse of apartheid -have an equally metamorphic effect on South Africa and the world? 

As the person who freed Nelson Mandela from prison, single-handedly dismantled the apartheid system and engineered South Africa's first democratic elections, de Klerk is a figure of arguably greater moral authority and historic significance than Mandela himself when one considers that the resistance de Klerk faced from his country's white minority to his decision to surrender the privileges they had once enjoyed was infinitely more daunting -and potentially lethal -than that which greeted the newly-released "Madiba". 

F W.de Klerk with Mandela 
What, then, could be a more transformational occurrence in African and world politics than for the last white president to rule South Africa before apartheid's demise to make a dramatic comeback in the post-apartheid era, unifying that country's diverse populace, kicking open the floodgates to a tsunami in foreign investment, placing South Africa in the driving seat of the African Union and, with America's newly-elected Black president, rallying the lethargic African Diaspora to the rescue of Africa's suffering millions in what would be a messianic resurrection of our benighted continent? 

The election of President Barack Obama in the United States of America and the re-election of President F W de Klerk in South Africa would catalyze the "Second Coming of Africa" and revitalise the world in the hour of its greatest need. De Klerk's credentials as a unifier and transformer are unimpeachable and mark him out as the "real Mandela" and a man whose return to power in Pretoria would change the face of Africa.  

The hour has arrived to draft F.W. de Klerk -Africa's mighty "White Knight" - install him as State President of South Africa, pair him up with America's "Black Messiah" and together they will depose Mugabe, topple every African despot from the Cape to Cairo, free the continent's people from the python of poverty and lead Africa to victory over itself.

By Paul Twinomucunguzi  Bita-karamire a.k.a. XYBØRG

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