Are the Middle Class an Answer to Kenya's Woes?

Published on 2nd February 2009

We have professionals who pay for their houses, drive cars, afford to take their children to school and take care of their parents back at home. They do not live on hand-outs from politicians.They have all that it takes to save Kenya. Because most of the Middle Class have kept off politics, politics has been invaded by charlatans who have no idea of management. Look at the cast that has led Kenya since Independence in 1963.


We set off at Independence with a clear resolve to eradicate poverty and illiteracy, create shelter for all, secure food for all and ensure  Kenyans access medicine, water and electricity. What do we have in Kenya now, 46 years down the line?


Poverty is rampant. Illiteracy is at its peak. Shelter in most towns is unaffordable. Residential houses are not built to specifications required by law. Kenyans are dying of hunger as our leaders steal all the available maize. Our Hospitals are not well stocked with medicine. Water has not reached cities like Kisumu that sit at the shores of Lake Victoria. Electricity has not only become a political tool, but  it is also irregular in supply.


A middle-class residence 
The cast that we left politics to have failed. In this cast, we have the same people who have been there since Independence. They might have been brilliant then, but if their brilliance has not led to the fulfillment of the mandate they set out to achieve 46 years ago, they cannot achieve it now. The Least Common Factor among Kenyan politicians as mathematicians would say is; thievery. This is where they Bond.


All this failure has been occasioned because the Middle Class have chosen to take a casual attitude to life in Kenya. We pretend that we can afford the basics as the charlatans in politics mess the country. We have not put them to strict order of proof and accountability.


For Christ’s sake, this is also our country. We must rise up and engage the country. We must mobilize Kenyans against tribalism, a tool that politicians have perfected to divide us. Let us surprise them by eradicating tribalism amongst us. We must start by consigning all these thieves in government to Siberia. If they have got it all wrong in 46 years, can they get it right now?


The Middle Class must start mass mobilization against all these people in government. We must support a completely new person to take up leadership in Kenya. We do not need anybody with experience, for the kind of experience these guys have is all the same. They are all experts at stealing.


Just imagine if these guys would have spent the kind of resourcefulness that they have in Nation building! Do you think Kenya could be suffering hunger 46 years down the line? Do you think teachers could be going on strike ? Do you think shelter could be an issue ? Do you think medicine could be an issue ? And what has become of all the Donor Funding and Grants we have received since 1963?


Odhiambo T Oketch,


Komarock Nairobi


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