Neocolonialists are Kenya's Bane

Published on 9th February 2009

History shows that developed nations also experienced the suffering developed countries are going through. However, since the world is linked through technology today, peoples’ problems are quickly picked up globally as opposed to yester years when countries were pretty isolated. Contrary to earlier years, the world is much more interested in the problems of each other than it was decades ago.

In Kenya, it is a matter of time before we begin the process of undoing the wrongs that date from the time of slave trade, the scramble for Africa, colonization to present day post neo-colonialism where our people are suffering under the leadership of their fellow Africans.

Jomo Kenyatta; Kenya's  First President 

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Born at independence and brought up in a life of poverty, I saw and know very well what abject poverty and ignorance means. The post independent generation in Kenya is nearly 50 years old and its suffering is greater than that of the pre-independence generation. In the meantime, those who suffered under the colonial government have neither the energy nor proper understanding on how to deal with the modern African colonial masters.

The future of the post independent generation is at stake. It has an obligation to carry on from where the older generation left things. It has to rid  the country of the African colonialists. Time is up for Party of National Unity (PNU), Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) amongst others.

Kenya must start the long journey towards being free, just, peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, multi-ethnic society. It is a war against the black colonialists- not tribes. Only the black colonial masters make it a war between tribes because they are students of the white colonial masters who used the divide and rule tactic.

Change is on its way, Kenya is great and blessed - Kenya is and will be a power to reckon with in Africa and globally when the right things are done by the right leaders who are now on their way.

I imagine that when the suffering became intolerable in the 50s, our forefathers rose up to defend their land. Things are again reaching intolerable levels and it is simply our time to rise up and do something peaceful and democratic when the time for the current parliament comes to an end.

By Kagai Muriithi

The author is a development finance consultant

Pristina, Kosovo


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