The Bonn Appeal for a Different Policy for Development for Africa

Published on 17th February 2009

"After half a century of providing Africa with financial assistance and personnel for development, we conclude that our policies have failed. The results have fallen far short of expectations."

The authors of this Appeal share the belief of increasing numbers of individuals from the "North," as well as in Africa, who are involved with aid and assistance to Africa that cooperative efforts cannot merely follow the practices of the past. We also believe that public debate is urgent and must be proactive. The Appeal is a concise statement of our purpose, and will be followed by more detailed debate and discussion.

Indeed, debate has been heated in German development circles, since we published the Aufruf (Appeal) last September. On the one hand, we have experienced harsh criticism from the "establishment." On the other hand; there is considerable interest, on all levels, to talk with us. Even the critics say that it is a good thing, and necessary, to have started the debate.
So far, the Appeal has been signed (see Website, "the Undersigned") by 70 personalities who have a record in aid and development politics: politicians, former ambassadors who served in African countries, experts, journalists, and heads of aid organizations. Africans have started to sign, too, e.g. Francis Kpatindé, long-time correspondent with Jeune Afrique.

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