Time to Re-brand Nigeria

Published on 27th March 2009

Nigeria is where it is and what it is because folks have a warped sense of how they want to do things. Since no one ever says their mama's soup is sour, Nigerians carry such sentiment to high degree. They are never wrong and all they do is to stand right and firm. But look at the entire country, the nature and condition of things. Tell me, what needs to be celebrated as a good collective achievement of this odd and loosely stitched 130m plus people? May God help Nigerians to hold their lives together and expose them to some of the sad conducts and violations of common canons that help societies emerge.

Rebranding Nigeria?
The hunger in Nigeria has led Nigerians, regardless of position, to stretch out arm for alms. It is sad and depressing. No one wants to do a job without asking for something. The doorman, the policeman, the motor-park attendant, teacher, principal and all, all want some form of instant gratification. They are proud to display their avarice and shameless conducts.

Rebranding Nigeria is something worthy. However, with the mood in the country and the physically challenging environment folks have to contend with, there is hardly any mileage to be made. There was Better Life under IBB/Abacha, OFN- Operation Feed the Nation under OBJ in the 70s, WAI by Buhari, and yet Nigeria is groping and appear headless even in the presence of so many acclaimed minds.

It is a sorry, depressing and demoralizing sight  to watch the largest collection of black people on the face of the earth display their character. A country where anyone white and foreign is accorded red carpet treatment while such is never given to theirs overseas is a disgrace.

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