The African Banking & Financial Institutions Seminar

Published on 12th May 2009

First Vault, a UK independent company with a registered presence in Africa is launching and organizing a new seminar event called The African Banking and Financial Institutions Seminar with the theme focused on "Future Business Opportunities, Regulation, Risk Management and Corporate Governance beyond the global financial crisis”. 

Presented by the most accomplished panel of African and International experts in the wake of the global financial debacle and beyond, this unprecedented one-stop shop seminar will cover a comprehensive scope of valued added topics tailored to the local cultural dynamics, practical requirements, developmental needs and future trends of the fast and lucrative emerging African banking and financial industry.

Venue and dates

The seminar will be held at the lavish La-Palm Royal Beach hotel in Accra Ghana on the 21st & 22nd April 2010, presented by some of the most accomplished regional experts and attended by over 250 professional delegates representing a wide range of African banking and financial industries including banks, hedge funds, private equity and NBFIs.

Who should attend?

The seminar will be of significant benefit to those engaged in the African banking and financial sector including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Board Members, Senior Managers, Line Managers, Risk Managers, Regulators, Auditors, Analysts, Compliance Officers, Accountants, Consultants and other functional employees. All the sectors in the African financial industry stand to benefit including banks, hedge funds, private equity and NBFIs.

It will also be of extreme importance and relevance particularly to local and international investors with a keen interested in the African banking and financial sector. The seminar is guaranteed to offer participants immense benefits and solutions that can immediately be applied to increase business opportunities, strengthen controls, align with regulatory developments and offer tremendous networking opportunities to deliver long term value.

Key topics and benefits

The seminar will discuss business trends, capital management and also draw on parallels, lessons and experiences of the more developed Western banks through the global financial crisis. Other key topics will include:

• Invaluable insight and vital tips into the future direction of the African banking and financial industry including unique new business opportunities, hot spots, trends and gaps in the market beyond the global financial crisis

• Extensive coverage of global regulatory developments including Basel II & III, their relevance within the African banking & financial context, the potential impact of other global regulatory developments and how these can be harnessed to achieve an effective capital management and optimisation framework

• A comprehensive review of liquidity management options with specific lessons on new and unique approaches for better managing liquidity risks more successfully

• Discover latest advances in risk management techniques covering credit, market, operational and enterprise wide risks to effectively protect your organisation, mitigate potential losses and enhance competitive advantage

• Understand the concepts of corporate governance as a vehicle for extracting economic benefit and long term commercial value

• Gain an insight into macro-economic development and sovereign trends including a review and appreciation of the systemic and unsystemic issues, challenges, threats and potential pitfalls specifically within the African banking and financial sector

• A rare opportunity to benchmark and network with experts and peers from a wide range of backgrounds in the African financial sector including banks, hedge funds, private equity and NBFIs

First Vault is a UK private company specializing in the provision of all aspects of risk management, regulation, compliance, corporate governance and audit solutions for banking and financial institutions to meet strict legislative, regulatory and practical business requirements. 

Its services which include Enterprise Wide Risk, Corporate Governance & Audit Frameworks; Board & Senior Management Coaching & Training; Functional Risk Management Training; Systems Selection, Data Analysis, Reporting & Modeling; Insurance, Hedging & Risk Mitigation Tools; Business Continuity, Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery; Regulatory Compliance; Policies &  Documentation and Banking and Financial Events have assisted a number of emerging banking and financial institutions at different stages of their evolutionary cycle implement some of the most sophisticated risk and control frameworks that have mitigated losses, protected balance sheets and sustained institutions as a going concern through the global financial crisis. 

Domiciled in the UK, it also has a registered presence in Africa and a comprehensive network of strategic partnerships with reputed consultancies in Europe and the US.  

For further information please contact Marina Mazzocchi, Company Secretary at +44 (0)207 608 5112 or email [email protected]


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