Who is Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Serving?

Published on 14th July 2009

Since the inception of this inept body occasioned by a call by former President Obasanjo, some Nigerians have seen it as their vehicle for community service on their loosely defined and hardly quantifiable leadership for the welfare and well being of Nigerians in US.


NIDO has not done anything to improve the lots of Nigerians in US. Most Nigerians in US do not even know what NIDO is or why it should even exist. But since some Nigerians like to form anything, NIDO exists, and folks in Nigeria are misled as to its real teeth and influence. NIDO has neither written any legislation nor lobbied Nigeria National Assembly to introduce any law that will help make Nigeria a better place. NIDO has never written any position paper on the subject of any significance to turning Nigeria around. It is a 'vulture' organization looking for easy prey to pounce on.


Yes, from time to time, there is the Independence Day celebration and other gatherings simply to 'enjoy'. But in the real measure, NIDO does not have any functioning office nor does it have a lease in its name. It has managed to fool Nigeria Embassy in DC to dedicate a phone extension for a staffer, but is that all NIDO can do? It is no surprise. Despite the fact that Nigerians have been registering presence in US since 1918 - 91 years [3 generations], organizations run by Nigerians in US, remain the one that has no office, no paid staff, no budget and absolutely nothing to show for the 'puff'. The parasitic and dependent attachment Nigerians in US have with the home government, has made it hard and difficult to wean themselves from such unproductive reliance. When one is supported by a government, one must adhere to its rules. It is quite a shame that with the array of educated minds often demonstrated by the 'doctors and doctorates', the high degree of sickness that inflict Nigerians in US, appear never to have a cure. Since 1985, the average age of most Nigerians that have died in US is about 45 years old. Despite living in US, Nigerians have fallen ill to sickness that one would have expected to be curable.


Nigerians in US have defenseless presence and have failed in most measures that help to make the presence of immigrants in US worthy of collateral note. NIDO has no scholarship fund, no credit union, no legal defense fund, no healthcare campaign tailored to improving the life span of Nigerians in US. Its finances are a sham and making the books open for view and review, has always been challenged by those that benefit from her inner workings. Elections that should be conducted fairly by simple ballot process often are rigged.


What lies ahead for NIDO and her members?. When those who want to lead are only armed with a desire to just show up but not imbibe in rules and fairness to improve their lot, it will be like living in long gone yester-years. For NIDO to be considered a viable and responsive organization worthy of support, it must tailor its dealings to the welfare of Nigerians in US. By welfare, I mean annually publish scholarships it has given Nigerians in US, jobs it has helped Nigerians in US obtain, legal matters it has helped Nigerians fight, image laundering and improvement it has helped improve, helping Nigerians in US who are still challenged in having access to credit to help develop their business, credit union, and so forth. As long as NIDO continue their dance and song, mostly loud and obnoxious romance and alignment with malfunctioning leadership at home all in the name of unwittingly seeking access, NIDO will never amount to anything.


For the new 'kids' - Board members, your sense of community service may appear to be in order, but service benefits must be measured in ways and means that are relevant to the constituents. I have expectation of you but I have confidence in your ability to make any positive difference. Since no one can give of her/himself what they do not have in the first place, I do not expect the 'Sun to Rise from the West', nor shall a 'monkey that went overseas all of a sudden emerge a goat'. No amount of cloning will make one change if the goal is to remain stuck in the ways of the past and never import things in the present that can help one become new and improved.


Nigerians have nothing to show for their presence in US; collectively speaking, except of course, gathering in the name of nothing.





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